5 Tricks You Need To Know When Buying A Salvage Car

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With fuel costs rising yet again, we see an upward trend in interest towards salvaged auto auction services. People have started to talk about it online and in their peer groups – discussing their tricks and tips to ensure that if anyone they know finds salvage cars for sale, they don’t end up getting scammed during a salvage bid.

We see many YouTube influencers getting famous and expanding their channels when they talk about salvaged cars.They host many discussions on how others can use their experience and DIY techniques when dealing with A Better Bid and Copart auto, amongst other auction platforms.

However, one of the leading questions with buying salvage cars is the platforms that offer these vehicles. You can buy salvage cars at A Better Bid, Hemmings, AVA Auctions, and other car auctions. But if you want to know more about buying used cars at auctions, this guide is for you!


What are Salvage Cars?

​​When a vehicle’s repair cost overpowers its value, auto insurance companies deem it a ‘total loss’ or ‘salvage cars.’

However, different states have different insurance policies for cars – some companies will declare a vehicle salvagedwith as low as 65% damages in some states, while others may declare it salvaged if its damages are 100%. Either way, the salvage title means the car is unfit for the road, according to the insurance company. Such cars can’t be insured or taken back on the road until they are fixed because salvage doesn’t mean the car can never be taken to the road again.

A salvage title can be lifted from a car that most people used to think was fated to become scrap in a junkyard.

Salvage Cars for Sale

You can get some great deals when picking salvage cars if you have a good understanding of the salvage title car model you pick and know a trustworthy professional or repair facility. You can get a great deal at ABB auto auctions when looking for salvage cars for sale.

Moreover, you can also take the car back on the road after meeting the legal criteria. If you want to operate the car, you must invest in its repairs, get it inspected by the relevant authority, and acquire a rebuilt title. Once the vehicle passes the inspection, you can either use it or profit from it. There is a peaked interest in used cars, and people are canvassing junkyards and auto stores for rebuilt cars, as it is cost-efficient.

5 Tricks You Need to Know When Buying a Salvage Car

In this article, we will focus on the five basic tricks you need to keep in mind when browsing for salvage cars for sale – online or in-person auctions.

1.    Finding a Good Salvage Auto Auction

We know how nifty sales teams can be when trying to sell their products. Therefore, the most important trick is to browse through different salvage auctions and pick the one that offers the most authenticity in terms of reviews, experience, and salvage titles.

If you opt for an online salvage bid, evaluate the car and business just like you would if you visited an auction.

2.     Where Has This Copart Been Before?

Like any other purchase, buying a salvage car also comes at a risk. Therefore, you need to evaluate the product thoroughly before investing. You can easily do this by requesting vehicle history from your car auction service. A reputable service provider, such as A Better Bid, will provide you with all the details you need concerning the vehicle. This way, you can stay informed before making a purchase.

3.     Theft Recovery Salvage Autos

The insurance company clears the auto insurance for stolen cars. If they’re not found within 30 days at most, the car is written off as stolen. If the car is recovered later, it receives a salvage title and ends up in an auction.

Such used cars have minimal to no damage compared to a typical salvage car and are much more cost-efficient. However, the salesperson may sell them at higher prices for this reason as well. If you come across any theft recovery salvage autos, be sure to get them checked from a certified auto store. Sometimes, such cars sustain damages that are not visible to the naked eye, and you might end up paying a higher price, thinking it won’t need as much work.

4.     DIY vs Refurbished Used Car

Of course, buying a refurbished car is easier when opting for a salvage title. However, if you fix the car yourself, you can keep a close eye on the repairs it needs and pocket the costs of things you don’t deem important.

This allows you to enhance your car features per your mindset or save as much as possible by repairing the essentials only. However, be sure to get it inspected by a professional to ensure that your car is safe for use.

5.     Calculate the Damage and Purchase Details Yourself

When you look for salvage cars for sale, calculate the damage sustained by the one you like to see if it will even be pocket-friendly for you. A salvage title is given to cars when their repair costs surpass their actual value. Therefore, avoid going for a car with excessive damage and choose older cars that were given the title due to their age. Older cars are reliable and need less work in comparison.

You will also need to contemplate the warranty, resale value, insurance, financing, registration and claims for the salvage title you choose.