5-Year Old’s Touching Gesture, Feeds Homeless Man At Waffle House

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5-year old Josiah and his mother were dining at their local Waffle House recently, when a man walked in, sat down and waited to be served. Josiah noticed a few things about this man that seemed out of the norm, his clothes were dirty and wasn’t well kept. No one approached the man to wait on him either.

Josiah asked his mother a slew of questions about the man. His mother informing him that the man was homeless and she continued to explain just what the word ‘homeless’ meant.

What Josiah did next was awesome. Josiah asked his mother to buy the man a meal, she obliged. Josiah brought a menu to the man and told him that he couldn’t order without menu. After the man placed his order and his food arrived, Josiah did something even more touching, he asked to sing a pre-meal blessing with the man.

With the entire restaurant watching, Josiah sang the blessing as loud and proud as he could, bringing the man in question to tears. Josiah’s story has since started to go viral, as it should.

Way to go Josiah….way to go!

Source : Youtube