50 Terms Only True Mainers Use And Understand!

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The people of Maine have their own language…a language that many outsiders don’t understand. Here are 25 words that only ‘real’ Mainers use! 

1. Ah-yuh

n., A response in the affirmative; Yes.
– Or, is it Ay-yuh?

Photo Credit: Downeast

2. Alkie

n., An alcoholic – “I ain’t no alkie, I just had ten beeahs.”

3. Bakyahd

n, The place in back of the house kids/kin play in.

4. Beetah

n., Old unregistered beat-up pickup truck used for haulin’ anything.

5. Big’uns

n., “Did you catch any fish?” “Ayuh, I got two big’uns.”

6. Bummah

adj., Wicked bad: “His beetah got in a gaum, what a bummah!”

Photo credit: Downeast

7. Cadillac Converter

n., One of them “omission devices” the DEP requires for our cahs.

8. Cah

n., “what you drive to work or PAHK in the BAHN or maybe in the Wal-Maht pahkin lot” 

9. Cawkah

adj., Wicked neet: “That Jon Deah’s a wicked cawkah.”

10. Clikkah

n., Used to change the channels without getting up.

11. Cunin’

adj., Wicked cute.

12. Dink

n., Someone who is a pain in the butt, losah, *sswipe.

13. Doah Yahd

n., The front lawn or front of the house.

14. Down Cellah

n., The basement: “Take those buhdados down cellah.”

15. Fahmah

n., One who plants in fields and/or raises livestock to feed his family and naybahs. 

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