6 Of The Best And Worst Food Related Super Bowl Ads

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Millions upon millions of people tune in to watch the Super Bowl every year and this year will be no exception. Advertisers also pay million upon millions of dollars to have their commercials featured during the Super Bowl, some are worth every penny and others were simply so bad that they should have never  aired!  Check out the best  and worst Super Bowl food related ads below!

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1. Not So Good: Charlotte McKinney goes au naturel for Carl’s Jr.


2. Awesome: Budweiser’s ‘Lost Dog’


3. Awesome: Newcastle beer crams 37 brands into one spot


4. Not So Good: Pizza Hut ‘Flavor Challenge’ with Tony Romo and and Rex Ryan


5. Awesome: Doritos Crash the Super Bowl – ‘Craveman’


6. Awesome:  Doritos Crash the Super Bowl – ‘Manchild’