6 Essential Cleaning Tools For Every Room In Your Home

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Cleaning is a mainstay task in people’s daily lives. You ensure your family is free from harmful particles, dirt, and germs. Not just to avoid health risks but also to guarantee your loved ones live comfortably. While cleanliness requires consistency, your cleaning duties don’t need to be hard labor. 

 When it comes to cleaning your house, you would want to be convenient just as much as effective. Thankfully, you can avoid the usual hassle by having the essential tools for cleaning, which RYOBI New Zealand has in store just for you. But before that, below is a rundown of six cleaning tools you would want to have:

1. Broom and Dustpan Set

Nothing beats a good old broom and dustpan as your cleaning companion. Due to their practicality and handiness, these tools have made cleaning convenient across generations. These tools will make for easy sweeping of dirt and trash around your house, and they also last longer and are versatile. They are your best tools for sweeping the garden, living room, and every corner of your property.

2. Spin Mop and Bucket

Today, mop and bucket are made with more convenient features and are sold as one product, so they are handier. With their easy-to-rinse and store features, mopping across your concrete or wooden floors will be one step less tedious. Plus, your floors will remain shiny and smooth with a spin mop.

3. Vacuum Cleaners

If you’re one of those people who don’t have much time yet love cleaning alone, vacuum cleaners can be your lifesaver. They now come in various forms suitable for every cleaning need, from robot vacuums to those with both wet and dry functions. Most especially if you have pets, vacuums are your best choice.

4. Scrub Brush

Cleaning can sometimes require extra muscle power, which a good scrub brush would complement well. You would need a hand scrub brush to clean dirt sticking to your floors and walls. Plus, you can use scrub brushes made from different materials on various surfaces around your house. 

5. Microfiber Cleaning Towels

Count on microfiber cleaning towels to clean and dry your surfaces. Keep the surfaces of your countertop, appliances, mirrors, or glass walls dry to prevent dirt and particles from sticking and holding onto them. You don’t need to worry about wiping the surfaces multiple times as well since these cleaning towels are highly absorbent and do not leave lint where you wipe them on. 

6. Squeegee with Sprayer

Cleaning glass surfaces, like mirrors and windows, require special tools like a proper squeegee and a sprayer for a better finish. A 2-in-1 squeegee with a built-in sprayer will help you wipe your glasses in one go. Eliminating the hassle of constantly changing from a bottle sprayer to a squeegee and vice versa. 

Cleaning With Ease and Convenience

Say goodbye to back pains and aches caused by cleaning your house every day. Assure you have these essential cleaning companions in your toolbox to make your house cleaning duties less tiring and boring. With these tools, your house duties will no longer be hard labor.