6 Funny Accidents That Have Happened to People on the Job

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Workplaces attract a variety of personalities and characters. Anyone who watches The Office and works in one can relate to at least some of the workplace politics that the show depicts.

Sometimes in workplaces, employees find themselves also facing funny accidents.

Take, for example, the case of a man trying to pull a classic copy machine prank. This man goes to take a photocopy of his backside, only to discover that the glass isn’t as sturdy as he thought. The glass breaks and the prank is less than successful.

Other workplace funny accidents, only end up being funny to those watching. And, funny accidents at work can also mean real trouble for business owners despite any hilarious appeal.

This is the case when these “funny accidents” end up in court because of a worker’s compensation claim. Worker’s compensation offers employees protection and benefits in case they are injured or become ill on the job. No matter how funny or bizarre these claims may be, they could still end up with some significant compensation as a result.

Read on to learn more about bizarre and funny accidents that resulted in worker’s compensation claims.

1. Trench Jump Mishap 

What’s a bored construction worker to do? Apparently, one construction worker decided to play a prank on another coworker.

When experiencing downtime on the job, a group of construction workers wanted to find some AC. When they all couldn’t fit in one truck, one man decided to tell another that he was needed by someone on the job site.

So, naturally, the man got out of the truck to fulfill his duties. After the man figured out it was a prank, he jumped over a trench to return to the truck and broke his leg.

Consequently, he was awarded worker’s comp benefits.

If something like this ever happens to you, then consider hiring a personal injury lawyer. Especially, if a significant injury occurs on the job that would prevent you from working. Even if it seems like a “funny accident”, you still could be entitled to worker’s compensation benefits.

2. Tripping for Fabric 

Source: https://ak6.picdn.net/

A woman working for a retail store claimed she tripped over her dog while fetching some fabric samples. These samples were needed by her to fulfill her employment duties. Although the courts recognized that the employer couldn’t control the woman’s dog, she still ended up receiving worker’s comp benefits because they could control the fact that she was not working from the store.

3. Bowling Ball Target Practice 

This is a cautionary tale of what could happen when a sledgehammer and a bowling meet on a job site. While this may sound like the beginning of a bad joke, it’s a story that ended with a claimant not receiving worker’s comp benefits.

When a claimant decided to break a bowling bowl using a sledgehammer, pieces of the bowling ball shattered causing him to lose his eye. The court decided against his claim due to positive-work environment violations.

4. Vending Machine vs Hip 

Source: https://i.redd.it/

We all know the frustration of when our snacks get caught in the vending machine. A 90-year-old man decided to do something about a coworker’s stuck chips but ended up breaking his hip in the process.

The court ruled in his favor because he was attempting to aid a coworker who was “seeking personal comfort” on the job.

5. High Bear Feeding

If feeding bears is your job, then it’s probably not a good idea to get high before work. One man did just that and ended up getting bit by a bear in his backside.

The court agreed that his decision to smoke weed was mind-boggling and stupid, but also awarded him compensation to cover his medical expenses.

6. Fashion Shoe Trip 

Source: https://www.shopakira.com/

Jewelry store salespeople need to dress well, but fashion doesn’t always win court cases. When one jewelry store saleswoman tripped while working because her shoes’ zippers got caught together she ended up with a broken bone.

Her case was initially denied but then accepted in the court of appeals.

Funny Accidents in the Workplace

Funny accidents in the workplace can offer us a good belly laugh. Whether it’s nervous laughter or genuine laughter, we still understand that worker’s compensation claims are no laughing matter. However, they do make for a good story that we hope evokes even a small chuckle.

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