6 Little Known Thanksgiving Dinner Rules That You Probably Don’t Follow

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Many of us will be heading to the homes of family and friends this Thanksgiving. And for those who have been going to the same place year after year, it is easy to become a tad relaxed when it comes to our Thanksgiving dinner-table etiquette.

In order to get you back on track this Thanksgiving, here are five etiquette tips that should make you the most polite person at the dinner table.

1. Pass the Salt and Pepper Together — Always!

According to What’s Cooking America, if someone just requests one of the pair, you should always pass them both along at the same time! Also, when passing the salt and pepper, you should place it on the table in front of the person requesting it, not just hand it to them.

2. The Meal Should Only Begin Once The Host/Hostess Has Sat Down and is Ready To Eat.

When sitting down for Thanksgiving dinner, don’t just sit down, place your napkin on your lap and start digging in. Once your host or hostess sits down and places their napkin on their lap, only then should you begin to dig in and eat.

3. Cut Only One Piece Of Food At A Time.

It’s hard to refrain from going absolutely crazy on all that tasty Thanksgiving food, but it’s said that you should be patient when cutting up and eating it. For instance, don’t cut your entire piece of turkey into pieces prior to eating it. Cut one bite size piece off and bring it to your mouth — and repeat.

4. Don’t switch Seating Arrangements

You may not love where you are seated at the Thanksgiving dinner table, but it’s proper etiquette to not switch your seating around. There is no doubt that your host or hostess put a lot of thought and work into the seating arrangements.

5. Respect Your Host/Hostess

Offer any help you can to your host or hostess. While the meal is being prepped, offer up a little help in cutting, chopping or putting things away. After the meal, help to clean up the dinner table, help with the dishes and help put leftovers away! Hosting a Thanksgiving dinner can be A LOT of work, so any help is always appreciated by the host/hostess, even if they decline your offer — trust us — they want your help!

6. Don’t Eat With Your Hands

You have a fork, knife and spoon in front of you for a reason, use it! Eating with your hands is just not cool at the Thanksgiving dinner table! Maybe bread though…that’s cool to eat with your hands!