6 Simple Tips To Looking Great In Every Photo!

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I have longed struggled with taking a good photo. I am either not standing right, smiling right or even looking the right way. If you are like me, have no fear! Check out these six simple tips to taking a nice looking photo!

Loosen Up! Relax your body, don’t appear stiff. This makes the picture appear a lot more natural.


Turn Away From The Camera : Don’t get caught in a bad angle, instead create your own angle! Face the camera at an angle and your photo will turn out better.


Watch Your Hands : If it feels your hands are in an awkward position, then they probably are. Practice in front of a mirror to find the most natural position for your hands if you want them in a shot.


Lower Your Shoulders : Lowering your shoulders can do wonders to flatter your physique.


Don’t Forget To Bend Your Knee : This classic move will guarantee you will look your slimmest during a shoot.


Tilt Your Head & Smile! Tilting the head hides the neck area and creates a more natural, playful pose. Smiling always make the photo that much more pleasant.