6 Sure Signs You Are With The Right Partner

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Here are five sure signs that you have tied yourself to the right mate! (Make sure you read to the end!)

You know you have found the right one, when you two can dance in the rain and no one complains about being wet” ~cj@aj

The Laugh


Partners who laugh together, stay together! I just made that up and I must say it sounds pretty good!

But it’s true, partners who spend their time laughing with one another will have a long, happy and healthy relationship. The laugh we are talking about here however, isn’t your typically LOL laugh or ROFL laugh, we are talking about that subtle smirk that your partner gets when you mess up, get injured, say something stupid or just because it has been awkwardly silent for to long. That is the laugh we are talking about. That subtle smirk turns into full blown laughter between the two of you for no reason at all, or the reason is so foolish that it makes you both laugh even harder. That’s the laugh!

The Look

the look

We all know ‘the look’, that look your partner gives you when enough is enough, or he/she is not impressed with your actions…yea…that look.

But we are not talking about that look here folks! The look we are talking about is the one your partner gives you when you are at a family gathering and you both look around at your crazy relatives, glance at one another and give ‘that look’ signifying you both are on the same page.

The look happens all over the place. It could happen at the doctor’s office when you both are in the waiting room and someone else’s child is screaming and freaking out, you both give ‘the look’ and even tie it with ‘the laugh’. Boom…putting those two together is a double whammy of awesomeness!

I know my girlfriend and I share ‘the look’ daily and combine it with ‘the laugh’. It happens all the time, at the kids school, grocery store and home. We have nearly perfected ‘the look’/’laugh’ combo. It is nothing more than an unspoken way that you two connect. A bond and vibe that you just do not have with anyone else.

The Food

couples eat

Ahh yes, the food! Food is a huge factor in knowing you have the right partner. Whether you and your partner love to binge eat carrots and leafy greens or sit down to share a meat lovers calzone, loving the same foods is super important. If you and your partner share the same fine taste buds, there is a good chance that this small factor will play a huge, positive role in your relationship.

Want another little food related sign that can really let you know you and your partner are meant to be? Surprising your partner with food or drink at work or at home. Not just at the beginning of a relationship however, it continues throughout. You know what I’m talking about…when you have a day off and your other half is stuck at work. You are out and about and you grab a tasty beverage or treat for yourself and bring the same over to your partners workplace. That’s what I’m talking about! Those little surprises go a long way! Trust me on that one! If you don’t do this…try it out!

The Money

money tree

That dreaded green piece of paper. It has destroyed many of relationships and probably always will. Knowing how to handle those little greenbacks as a couple with surely aid in the longevity of your relationship.

If you and your partner don’t stress over money, you are awesome! If you and your partner are two, hardworking people who take care of their financial responsibilities and also know how to have a good time with those hard earned dollars, you my friend have met the right mate!

Years ago I worked in home furnishing sales. I would watch couples come in to purchase a new living room set, unmarried couples mainly. They would go back and forth about who was going to pay what portion of the new set like they were planning to storm Normandy Beach. One of them didn’t mind paying for it and wanted to move on while the other couldn’t let it go. A lot of ‘I paid this last time’ and ‘well you paid $40 more than me last time’ talk. It was crazy, this would go on for at least 20 minutes and most often turn into a fight between the couple. This my friends, is not healthy. I’m sure that new living room set looked good in their bachelor/ette pad!


The Potty

toilet dating

That’s right folks, Potty etiquette is a huge sign in knowing you have found the right mate. The beauty about this sign is, etiquette has nothing to do with it, it is actually the opposite. If you find that there is no proper potty etiquette in your relationship, then boy oh boy have you found the right partner!

You know you have found ‘the one’ when you hear your partner yell your name, you walk over to the bathroom, see they are sitting on the toilet and they say ‘Hey, how was your day babe?’. That’s love! The door is open, the facilities are in full use and a general conversation is taking place!

The Love Making

love making

Oh boy, we have come to the good stuff!

Love making…it is awesome! Aside from being awesome, it is important that you and your partner are on the same page in book of sensual love. I have read this book, it is a fine book.

If making love is a frequent occurrence, gentle touches throughout the day are given and soft kisses are dealt out as often as a hand of blackjack at the Rio…then life is good my friends. You have the right partner baby! Keep up the good work!

If it isn’t, and you find yourself unhappy, try talking to your partner about spicing things up in the old bedroom department. Maybe move on to the kitchen or bathroom department, whatever tickles your fancy! If you are unable to talk to your mate about your sex life because it is awkward or uncomfortable, well…here’s your sign…time to move on!

Well, we hope this was a fun little read for you and that you will notice a few of these signs in upcoming days! I’m sure most of you in relationships are able to relate to at least one of these!


Written by: CJ@AJ

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