6-Year-Old Dresses Up As 100-Year-Old Lady To Celebrate Her 100th Day In Kindergarten And The Photos Extremely Amusing

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Nothing is more hilarious than seeing a child who wants to dress up and act like their grandparents. Maybe this is one of the reasons why there are so many apps that can edit people’s faces to show how they will most likely look like 50 years later – if they’re lucky. It gives a feeling of creepiness, and at the same time, just looks so funny!

This father recently posted photos of his 6-year-old daughter on Reddit where she was dressed and made up to look like a rich, old lady from New York. She needed a costume for her 100th day in kindergarten and she deliberately chose to be a 100-year-old lady. Both her mother and grandmother took it to the next level in dressing her up, and they definitely did an awesome job! She looks similar to Yetta Rosenberg, the grandmother in the classic TV series, The Nanny, straight from Queens!

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Her whole look was perfectly planned and prepared for. She had on expensive and flashy jewellery, cat eye glasses which was of course, decorated with pearls, and how can we forget the usual array of different animal and floral prints to complete the whole ensemble. Aside from perfecting the ‘old lady’ look, the outfit really stood out because of the little girl’s make-up. Blood red lipstick, rose coloured blush that could go on for days, and wrinkles in all the perfect locations. Her parents also gave her the perfect hairstyle, which according to the father – they even colored it grey using a special hairspray.

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All her classmates and teachers loved her look, which definitely got her all the attention in class that day.  Even the ladies in the cafeteria were oohing and aahing over her. Everyone was gathered around her once classes started as if she were the star of the show.

Once the father shared the photos online, it received so much attention that it garnered so many questions and funny comments. Someone even asked them “How many sugar packets does she have in her pocket?” and the father replied back “Some sugar packets, a couple of Werther’s Originals, and some of those strawberry candies that every old person keeps in their house.”

Yes, that’s most definitely the top three most important things grandmothers keep in their pockets.



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