60 Awesome DIY Home Decor Fall Ideas

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Fall officially begins on September 23rd and it’s time to start thinking home decor.  You can make some cheap home decor for the fall season by following some of these simple ideas.  Most of these ideas take less than 15 minutes to make and will bring your home into the fall paradise you’ve always wanted.  Bring the spirit of fall into your home on a budget.

About the only crafting materials you will need for these projects are:

  • Hot glue gun (my favorite one is this one from Amazon, it’s a mini so it’s great for small projects like these and it comes with the glue sticks). You can also find them for a similar price at Walmart.
  • Mod Podge (it’s like Elmer’s Glue but for crafts)
  • Scissors
  • Small paint brush (This one from Amazon is perfect because it’s a variety pack so you’ll have the right brush for each project)
  • Wire cutters for the florals

Here are some quick, cheap and easy crafting ideas. Most of these items can be found at Dollar Tree, Walmart or Thrift Stores.  For more ways to save on a budget visit PrudentPennyPincher.com 


Burlap Ribbon (Dollar Tree) + Glass Candle Holder “4 (Dollar Tree)  + Maple Leaves Pack  (Dollar Tree) + 2” Candle (Dollar Tree)


Mason Jar (Walmart) + Maple Leaves Pack (Dollar Tree) + Twine (optional – to tie around the neck of the jar). Adhering the leaves to the jar is done easier with Mod Podge, but a glue gun worked fine for me when I made this.


Candy Corn (Dollar Tree) + Candleholder  (Dollar Tree) + Tea Light Candle  (Dollar Tree) + Candle Tray ($5 at a Craft Store or Walmart)


Pillar Candle (Walmart – $3) + Twine (Dollar Tree) + Maple Leaf. Tip: You can preserve Fall leaves with wax, glycerin, wax paper or decoupage. Here’s the tutorial for how to do that. You could also buy fake Maple leaves in a pack of 50 at Dollar Tree too.


Ducting Hose (Walmart $6) + Orange Spray Paint (Walmart – $1-2) + Floral Moss  (Dollar Tree)  + Cinnamon Sticks (Walmart- $2)


Tall Vase (Thrift Store – Goodwill $2.19) + Fall Floral Arrangements (Dollar Tree) + Candy Corn (Dollar Tree)


Black Fruit Basket (Thrift Store – Goodwill – $3) + Polyfoam Pumpkin and Gourds (Dollar Tree or Walmart)


Burlap (Dollar Tree) + Small Glass Vase (Dollar Tree) + Fall Florals or Maple Bushes (Dollar Tree)



Fall Leaves Garland (Dollar Tree). It goes great down stair cases, across fireplace mantels or around the frame of your door. You can add orange lights in it for a more festive look.


Vanilla or Apple Cinnamon Potpourri (Dollar Tree) + Artificial Acorn Pack (Dollar Tree) + Pine Cones (Free) + Wooden Salad Bowl or Glass Leaf Plate (Thrift Stores for Under $3).


Black Lantern (Thrift Store – Goodwill – $4) + Polyfoam Pumpkin and Gourds (Dollar Tree)



Black Photo Frames x 4 (Dollar Tree) + Printable Letters that Spell FALL (Free)


Corn Stalks and Hay  – Great for on the sides of the front door on the porch


Milk Bucket (Dollar Tree) + Sticks  + Maple Leaves Pack  (Dollar Tree)


Long Piece of Wood (Free if you check craigslist for people throwing out old furniture and cut it down or you can buy it at Home Depot for $3) +  Lettering ($1 a piece) + Spray Paint (Walmart – $0.99) + Corn Stalks


Grapevine Wreath ($2 – Walmart or Craft Store) + Maple Florals (Dollar Tree)



Candy Corn Yarn Wreath – White, Yellow and Orange Yarn (Walmart – $2 a piece) + Foam Wreath (Dollar Tree).


Burlap Banters ($3 a pack at Craft Stores) + Stencil Lettering ($3 at Walmart) + Black Paint – Acrylic ($1 at Walmart) + Twine (Dollar Tree)


Photo Frames x 4 (Dollar Tree) + Wood Letters that Spell FALL ($1 a piece) + Orange Paint ($1 at Walmart)


Wicker Basket (Goodwill $2) + Fall Florals (Dollar Tree) + Accents like Ribbons/Bows (Dollar Tree) or Mini Pumpkins/Scarecrows (Dollar Tree). You can get creative with this one and customize it to your own preferences. You could use it as a centerpiece, hang it on the front porch, decorate a coffee table or give it as a gift!


4 Mason Jars ($1 at Dollar Tree or less than $1 if you buy a case at Walmart) + Twine (Dollar Tree) + Burlap Ribbon (Dollar Tree) + Spray Paint ( $1 for each at Walmart) + Fall Florals. This one would cost about $15 to make so it costs a bit more than the others, but it would look really great on top of a fireplace mantel.


Styrofoam/polyfoam pumpkins (Dollar Tree) + White and Brown Paint ($1 at craft stores or Walmart)  + Stencils


Glass Pillar Candleholder (Dollar Tree) + Grapevine Wreath ($2 – Walmart or Craft Store) + Maple Leaf Pack (Dollar Tree) + Natural Raffia (Dollar Tree) + Orange Candle ($2-3 Walmart)


Wine Glass (If you already have some than free, if not Dollar Tree) + Candy Corn (Dollar Tree) + Small Orange Pillar Candle ($2 – Walmart or Craft Store)


Styrofoam Pumpkin (Dollar Tree) + White Paint ($1 at Walmart) + Lace Fabric ($1 for a small piece at a fabric store ? Not really sure of the exact price, but shouldn’t be too much). This would go great with a black lacy lamp shade or curtains.


Clothes Pins (Dollar Tree) + Ribbon or Twine (Dollar Tree) + Cardboard or something similar. This is just a basic example. For instance, you could paint the letters black, add a orange glittery ribbon for hanging. It could say Happy Halloween or Happy Fall. etc.


Polyfoam Pumpkins (Dollar Tree or Walmart for around $1) + Tealight Candles (Dollar Tree). You will need to carve a hole for the candles to fit into.


Mason Jar – with metal handle (Dollar Tree)  + Small White Candle (Dollar Tree) + Acorn Pack (Dollar Tree)


Orange Pillar Candle ($6 – Walmart) + Moss (free if you have a mossy tree nearby, if not Dollar Tree sells it) + Mini Pumpkin Pack (Dollar Tree) + Fall Berry Bushes (Dollar Tree) + Glass Cake Stand (Goodwill – $3-4)



Wine Glasses (free if you have some empty ones or you can get them cheap at Goodwill) + Wheat or Yellow Grass Stem with Feathers (Dollar Tree) + Stencils, Stickers or Free Printables + Paint if using Stencils  ($1 at Walmart). I would personally paint the bottles white and add some burlap around the middle of the bottles and have the letters be a brown color on top of the burlap, but the nice thing about making your own decor is you can use the image as inspiration for your own ideas! Tip: If you use the Grass Stems from Dollar Tree, you will need some kind of stick to attach them too so they are long enough to stand in the glass — Bamboo skewers ($1 at Party City or Walmart)


Free Fall Printables + Paper + Picture Frame (Dollar Tree or Thrift Store for $1). Printables are a easy and great way to accent your decorations. There are plenty of sites that offer free fall printable such as http://lollyjane.com/fall-free-printables/ or  http://www.onsuttonplace.com/2014/08/10-free-fall-printables/ or http://www.thedatingdivas.com/free-printables/printables/65-fall-printables/


Make your own Pottery Barn Mercury Pumpkin for a lot cheaper than what it costs there!
Ceramic, Glass or even Foam Pumpkins (Dollar Tree or Thrift Store) + White Paint ($1 at Walmart) + Krylon or Rust-Oleum Glass Mirror-Like Spray Paint ($6 at Walmart). Paint white first and then spray on the mirror paint.


4 Maple Leaf Packs (Dollar Tree) + Plastic Serving Bowl (Clear) (Dollar Tree) + Mod Podge (and sponge brush).


Cinnamon Sticks ($1.50 per pack at Walmart) + Twine (Dollar Tree) + Small Vanilla Pillar Candle (Dollar Tree)


Wire Wreath (Dollar Tree) + Orange Mesh (Dollar Tree) + Green Deco Mesh (Dollar Tree) + Orange Chenille Stem (Dollar Tree). It only cost $5 to make this pumpkin wreath, but it does requires a bit more time and attention to detail. If you are interested in making this, I recommend looking at this tutorial: http://misskopykat.blogspot.com/2012/09/how-to-make-deco-mesh-pumpkin.html


Jack-o-Lantern Treat Pail (Walmart or Target – $1) + 1 Can of Spray Paint in Choice of Color + Mums (about $6 at Walmart) or Fake Fall Floral from Dollar Tree. Don’t forget to poke holes in the bottom so you can water your flowers.


Preserved Pumpkins – coat them in floor cleaner to preserve them for a couple of months. Using real pumpkins is a cheap way to decorate your home and yard.


Jack-o-Lantern Treat Pail (Walmart or Target – $1) + Glow sticks  ($1 per pack)


Big Wood Letters ($1.50 a piece at Walmart) + Black Craft Paint ($1 at Walmart) + Orange Ribbon (Dollar Tree) + Black Wreath Hanger (Dollar Tree)


Cinnamon Sticks ($1.50 per pack at Walmart)  + Mason Jar Lids with Bands ($3 a pack at Walmart) + Orange Spray Paint ($1 at Walmart)+ Orange Yarn ($2 at Walmart)


Empty Wine Bottles (free or a dollar at thrift store) + Orange, Yellow and White Spray Paint ($1 each at Walmart). Optional: sticks with orange / yellow maple leafs inside the vase.


Glass Jar Candles, 8″ (Dollar Tree) + Orange and Yellow Spray Paint ($1 each at Walmart)


4 Bags of Candy Corn (Dollar Tree) + Foam Wreath (Dollar Tree) + Orange Mesh Ribbon (Dollar Tree).


Burlap Pumpkin  (Dollar Tree) + Twine  (Dollar Tree). For the swirly tendrils effect you coat those strands of twine with Mod Podge and wrap them around a pencil. Allow it to set for about 10 minutes and then remove the pencil


Foam Pumpkins and Gourds (Dollar Tree) + Fall Berry Bushes (Dollar Tree) + Maple Leaf Pack (Dollar Tree) + Candle Tray ($3 at Goodwill or $15 new)


Mini Pumpkins (Dollar Tree) + Large Glass Vases (Goodwill – $2-3) + Paint (optional  – only if you want to give your pumpkins a specific look. e.g. gold, silver or white)


White Table Cloth ($9 to $15, depending on size) + Burlap Cloth ($1.99/yd at Jo Ann) + Twine (Dollar Tree)


3 Mason Jars (Walmart – Less than $1 a piece if you buy a case or $1 each at Dollar Tree) Orange, Yellow and White Spray Paint ($1 each at Walmart)+ Black Ribbon ($1 Dollar Tree with assortment pack)


Brown Willow Wreaths (Dollar Tree) + Maple Leaf Garland (use wire cutters to cut it to fit around the wreath) + Glass Pillar Candle Holder(Dollar Tree) + Pillar Candle (Dollar Tree)


Gold Glitter ($2 Walmart)  + White Paint ($1 Walmart)+ Acorn Packs (Dollar Tree)


Foam Pumpkin (Dollar Tree) + Gold Glitter ($2 Walmart) + Metallic Rust-oleum Spray Paint ($5 Walmart) + Silver Candle Holder ($2 at Goodwill) 


Medium Sized Pumpkin ($6) + Dollies (free if you have them, a dollar at Goodwill)


Lace Fabric ($1 for a small piece at a fabric store ? ) + Mason Jar (Less than $1 in a pack or $1 at Dollar Tree) + Small Candle (Dollar Tree)


Big Wood Letter ($5 at Michael’s) + Maple Leaves Pack (Dollar Tree)+ Ribbon (Dollar Tree)+ Wreath Hanger (Dollar Tree)


Grapevine Wreath ($2 – Walmart or Craft Store)+ Lots of Acorns (Dollar Tree or free if you have them in your yard) + Burlap Ribbon  (Dollar Tree)+ Wreath Hanger  (Dollar Tree)


Red Glitter (Walmart – $2) + Maple Leaf (free if you have them in your yard; otherwise you can buy them at Dollar Tree in a pack of 50)


Scrapbook Paper – http://www.attagirlsays.com/2014/10/09/paper-pumpkin-craft/


Mason Jar (Less than $1 in a pack or $1 at Dollar Tree) + White Paint ($1 at Walmart) + Black Paint ($1.50 at Walmart) + Ribbon (Dollar Tree)


Sticks (Free) + Maple Leaves (Dollar Tree)+ Glass Vase (Dollar Tree)


Twine (Dollar Tree)  + Beads ($1-2 Walmart) + Maple Leaf Pack (Dollar Tree) + Wooden Hoop ($2 at Craft Store). Tie the beads and maple leaves to twine pieces.

We hope you enjoy the fall season as much as we do, go rake some leaves and have the kids jump into them.  We live in the state of Maine and if you get a chance come visit our state and enjoy the foliage.  Cheers!!

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