7 Helpful Tips for Dementia Caregivers

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Around 47.5 millionpeople across the world live with dementia today. In the United States, 7.7 million older adults are diagnosed with the disease every year.

Taking care of people with dementia is not easy and it doesn’t come naturally. Caregivers go through some challenges that are sometimes overlooked. However, you don’t have to go through the problems by yourself.

There are some ways that caregivers can make their work easier and also the patients of dementia improve the quality of their lives and live longer.

Below are seven helpful tips for Dementia caregivers.

1. Avoid Arguing With A Person With Dementia 

The brain of a person with dementia malfunctions. Hence, they tend to say things that don’t make sense but believe they do because their brain misleads them.

If you try to correct them, they end up getting upset or arguing with you. It’s impossible to win an argument with a person whose brain no longer works consistently.

2. Don’t Ignore Symptoms

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It’s important to learn about the different types of dementia so as to know the symptoms of each one of them.

Once you notice an older person struggling with judgment, thinking, and memory, you should not ignore the fact that they may have dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Most people tend to ignore the symptoms hoping they will go away soon.

It’s always advisable to see a doctor immediately for a thorough examination. There are some health conditions that have similar conditions to dementia. Also, despite dementia being incurable, early diagnosis may improve the life quality and effectiveness of the treatments.

3. People With Dementia May Act Confused Due To Too Many Medications 

Medication given to patients may increase their agitation or disorientation. Senior adults are prone to drug interactions or side effects of medication. Dementia tends to change the response of the brain to medications.

If a problem occurs as a result of medication, it’s advisable to call a doctor.

4. Use Therapeutic Fibs Or Validation Therapy To Respond Kindly

Care experts recommend you to think the same way as those with dementia to avoid anxiety and confusion when forcing them to reason like normal people. When you validate their reality and give them room to express their feelings, they become happier and calmer.

5. Improve Brain Health

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It’s possible to improve the brain health of those with dementia. Engaging in healthy practices helps reduce the symptoms and progression of the disease. Involving in regular physical exercises stimulates their mental health thus improving their brain health.

6. Share Your Challenges and Get People To Help You

You should ask for help from other people since it’s quite difficult to take care of people with dementia. Getting help from other people may give you fresh and better ideas that are key.

7. Have Tough Conversations About Medical Choices and Decisions 

It’s important to talk about the end of life choices with the older adults that have dementia. You need to take care essential documents such as power of attorney, living will or a will.

Older adults are at peace when they get the assurance that their wishes will be honored when they die.

Making Life Easier For Dementia Caregivers

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Caregivers are very important especially when dealing with older adults living with dementia. It can be quite difficult to take care of such patients.

It’s not only vital for the patients to be comfortable, but the caregivers also need to take breaks to avoid feeling overwhelmed. Following the above tips will make life easier for dementia caregivers.

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