7 Major Changes That Will Make You Want To Shop At Walmart

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At the annual retailer’s meeting, Walmart’s chief merchandising officer announced their plans to test new Walmart supercenters. What exactly does that entail? Walmart has a game plan in the works to re-format current large supercenter houses and they will be testing for a possible national remodeling of all their supercenters. The first Walmart supercenter to be reformatted is in Rogers, Arkansas and below, you’ll find some sneak peeks to all the new features that aim to improve the overall shopping experience at Walmart.

“We are spending a lot of time trying to bring enthusiasm back to the stores… We have the opportunity to re-imagine retail, again, so that’s what we’re out to do.” – Walmart Chief Merchandising Officer

What will the restructuring look like?

walmart change1

via: Techcrunch

Walmart will brighten up their color scheme and offer a fresh orange and blue sign which will serve as a way to direct shoppers to their online order pickup area (located in the back).

1. Electronics and Entertainment Center

The electronic and entertainment floor sports an improved open space design with popular brands and products displayed cleanly for demos.

walmart change2

Source: Walmart

2. Grocery Revamp

Walmart reorganized the way they displayed their fresh produce so that shoppers can easily spot popular or seasonal groceries and kitchen staples will now be located in the back.

walmart change3

Source: Walmart

3. New Digital Menus and Signs for Automotive Center

Walmart modernized their car center with digital menus, a new waiting area and free beverage services so you can wait in comfort and also charge your phone.

walmart change4

Source: Walmart

4. Clear Pickup and Services Center Signage

If you had trouble locating both service centers then, you won’t now. Walmart stuck with their color scheme but amplified it so the service and pickup center is fully colored with huge letter signage.

walmart change5

Source: Walmart

5. Improved Checkout with Scan & Go Wand

Perhaps one of their best new roll out for the reformatting model is their improved checkout and shopping experience. Walmart offers multiple options for checkout.

  • Scan & Go – you have the option to pick up a wand so you can scan your items while shopping.
  • Hybrid Register – these registers are manned but also has a self-service function depending on your shopping needs.
  • High Velocity Checkouts – we’re not quite sure what this one does but Walmart claims it is more than 3x faster than conventional checkouts.
walmart change6

Source: Walmart

6. Baby Shopping

Walmart combined all their baby and toddlers items in one aisle so you won’t have to trek to the far end of the store for baby gears. They also have items like strollers and other baby gears set up for demo so you can test the item and purchase with confidence.

walmart change7

Source: Walmart

7. Goodbye McDonald’s and Subways

If this new dining venture proves successful, we can kiss some of the McDonald’s and Subways goodbye. Instead, Walmart may be looking to provide more varieties via local fares for shoppers which will give each location a tasty edge while also providing small food truck entrepreneurs the opportunity to have a brick and mortar location.

walmart change8

Source: Walmart

With that said,  Walmart will also be offering more local picks for other items. Check out this Red Flag Beer, a local favorite offered at the Rogers location!

walmart change9

So there you have it! Walmart is making some big changes! Get ready!

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