7 Smartphone Accessories That Can Improve Your Mobile Experience

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We are all scrolling through our social media posts for hours and hours. However, if you haven’t thought about it earlier, you can definitely do more than surf social media and contact your friends and family.

The good thing about the design of modern smartphones is that you can do much more with the right accessories. Fitting so much in the tiny smartphone is not possible as of now, but with the peripherals, it gets easier to complete several tasks at the same time.

Keep reading this article to find the seven accessories that can enhance your smartphone experience in no time!

1. A fast charger

Nothing can be more disturbing than finding out that your smartphone has run out of battery juice in the middle of something important. As mentioned earlier, the compact form factor of the smartphone doesn’t make it easy to get all things stuffed in the smartphone. There’s much more to be done before we can finally get smartphones that come with truly extensive batteries.

But before that happens, one thing you can do at your end is buy a proper fast charger for your smartphone. Most of the flagship smartphones nowadays support Fast charging. If you need a special fast charger for your specific smartphone model, check the power rating of your smartphone first so you don’t damage your phone with the wrong charger.

2. Don’t skip the screen protector

If you pay attention to all the smartphone ads on the TV and internet, you might have heard about the term “Gorilla Glass” and the superior screen protection. The truth is that the screen technology isn’t much upgraded as it’s advertised.

You still have to take care of your smartphone display if you don’t want to get it cracked in no time. The only way you can secure your smartphone from any unnecessary damage is by placing a proper screen protector.

Buying a screen protector is not as difficult as people think. There are several brands of durable screen protectors. However, if you are still finding it hard to choose the right screen protector for your phone, you can check online reviews to find the right one for your needs.

3. A reliable power bank

Running out of battery juice in the middle of your trip is not good at all. If you were taking photos with your friends and family and found out that you can’t take any photos because your battery is low, you wouldn’t enjoy it at all.

The only accessory that can save you from such conditions is having a reliable power bank. There is no shortage of power bank models in the market, and you can easily find one that’s fit for your specific needs.

4. Buy a proper gimbal

Who doesn’t like the idea of recording great videos on the trip? Recording videos on the trip or vlogging every single day has gotten much easier than it used to be in the past. You can capture stunning videos with the smartphone in your pocket, but how can you kill the “Shaky” feel that creeps in smartphone videos?

A simple gadget that can help you record videos without worrying about the “Shaky” effect is called a gimbal. Contrary to popular belief, using a gimbal doesn’t require years of experience. You can pick any gimbal in the market that suits your budget and can start learning how to use it properly.

5. Bluetooth speaker

Listening to loud music with your friends and family is an unmatched experience. If you don’t want to listen to music alone all the time, then a simple accessory that can transform your music experience is a Bluetooth speaker.

The most amazing thing about Bluetooth speakers is that they are super easy to charge and connect with any smartphone. Furthermore, you can carry one with you anywhere you want.

6. Wireless headphones

Untangling wired earphones can be one of the most frustrating things for anyone. Making sure that you don’t twitch the wire can be a daunting task. If you want to get rid of the routine of setting up your wired earphones every time you want to use them, then you should buy wireless headphones for yourself.

Wireless headphones come in different styles and models. Some high-range models also come with built-in noise cancellation, so you can forget about your surroundings and sink deeper into the music experience.

7. External hard drive

There’s no denying the fact that cloud storage has made things easier for us than they used to be in the past. However, the one thing that makes cloud storage unreliable for many users around the world is the absence of a stable internet connection.

How can you store your important data if you have run out of storage on your smartphone and can’t access online storage as well? An external hard drive can save the day for you.