7 Subtle Signs That Your Significant Other Is Cheating On You

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Well folks, as we already know…cheating is one of the worst things one can do in a relationship. Not only is it a complete betrayal of trust, it is a slap in the face to the person being ‘cheated on’.

Relationships simply do not work when one partner is giving their attention, time and heart to their partner…while the partner is giving the same to someone else.

You may be in a relationship right now and be wondering why your significant other is acting strangely, or seems disconnected from the relationship in which you two hold.

Here are a few subtle signs that your partner may be giving their attention to someone else.

Remember…the grass isn’t always greener on the other side!

1. Trust Your Gut

Always trust your gut. Your gut never lies! Our bodies and minds are designed to pick up on senses and when something doesn’t ‘feel’ right, it typically isn’t right. If your gut is telling you something is wrong…you may want to pay attention to the next 6 signs. 

2. The Phone

Everyone has a cell phone in today’s world…and this is typically the easiest way to find out if your significant other is cheating. The best part, you don’t ever have to touch their phone to find out. Simply watch from a far and take note of the following :

Your significant other will…

  • Never leave their phone unattended. 
  • Start sleeping with their phone in the bed with them. (Under the pillow or tucked under them)
  • You will not be allowed to touch their phone. 
  • When they place their phone down, it will be ALWAYS be face down. 
  • Always be on the phone. Claiming they are texting friends or it’s work related. 

3. Change In Behavior 

If you have been with your significant other for quite some time, you will easily be able to pick up on behavior changes. Since you know the ins and outs of their behavior patterns, when they change them…it’s an easy tell. 

Be on the look out for…

  • Distance from you or lack of sexual contact. 
  • Spending more time in the bathroom than normal (with their phone). 
  • Leaving the home for brief outings or errands…more than normal. 
  • Worried about how they look and feel, more than normal. 
  • Lack of loving relationship talk or lack of spending quality time together. 
  • Wanting to experience things they have never wanted to do before and not necessarily including you in any of those plans. 

4. Change In Attitude

Again, if you have been with your partner for quite some time, you know their attitude quite well. You will know when something is bothering them, or when something feels ‘off’. Pay attention to that and the following. 

  • Your partner will start talking about wanting more, or a ‘better life’. Not being satisfied any more. 
  • Your partner will start picking fights and making you the ‘issue’ or focal point of those arguments. 
  • Your partner will stop saying they ‘love you’ or approaching you in a sexual or intimate way. 
  • Your partner will create distance between you and often times blame themselves. A subconscious way of saying ‘it’s not you, it’s me’. 
  • Your partner will appear happy when they are not around you, yet miserable when they are around you. If this is happening and nothing has changed in the relationship, this is typically a good sign to watch out for. 
  • Your partner will want to start ‘going out’ more and may start hanging out and or talking with ‘friends’ he or she typically would not associate with. 

5. Lack Of Empathy 

If your partner is cheating on you, lack of empathy is typically associated. Your partner will begin to not care about you or your well being as much as they had before. Here are some ‘lack of empathy’ behaviors to watch out for. 

  • They will stop caring about what you are doing in your everyday life. Whether it is work, children, or social life…they will stop asking or showing any interest. 
  • When trying to discuss your relationship, they will show little to no interest. (They may act concerned for a moment, but ultimately they will not care whether you stay or go). 
  • They will stop asking you questions or engaging in any sort of ‘real’ conversation. Your deep conversations will turn simple and quick. (Typically because they have another life they are leading and focusing on). 
  • Life issues become the main focus of your relationship. A lack of caring about the relationship itself, yet more focused on money, bills, children, etc. 

6. Leaving The Home

This is typically one of the biggest signs that your partner is up to no good. If you have been with  your partner for a while, you know their routine quite well. If their routine suddenly changes drastically…and I’m not talking heading out for a latte’ every now and again. I’m talking about making excuses to be away from the home daily, without you.

For example. 

  • Your partner has decided to start going to the ‘gym’ daily, yet you are never invited to go with. 
  • Your partner may claim they are going to ‘work’ early, or that they have to stay late. 
  • Your partner may claim they are going to meet a ‘friend’, but only briefly, yet often throughout the week. 
  • Your partner may need to ‘run to the store’ more often than ever. 
  • Work meetings start happening more frequently. 
  • They may be going away on ‘day trips’ with friends. Again, without you. 

The list goes on and on. You simply need to be aware when your partner starts spending more time outside of the home than inside with you. If this is happening and it is accompanied by some of the other signs…then there is probably a serious issue. 

7. No Sexual Contact

This is a big red flag here people! If you are normally sexual with your partner and they suddenly stop ‘being interested’, than something is going on behind your back. If you start going months without sexual contact…ding…ding…ding! It’s not  you. It’s your partner is already dedicating their body to someone else. Sad, but more than likely true. 

Everyone knows their relationships sexual ‘schedule’ shall I say. You know how often you make sweet love…and if the sweet love suddenly stops….please refer to the above six signs. 

In ending…if you are being cheated on or have been cheated on. Just know that you are the better person. That person is not worthy of you and they will ultimately lose someone very special (you) to them because of their actions.

It is said that nearly all relationships that start by cheating fail. These relationships are classified by true cheating events. Meaning, if you are in a committed relationship and you have another completely different relationship happening on the side. Complete with love talk, sexual activity, gifts, time spent and money exchanged…it won’t work out in the end.

The relationship was based on a lie from the start. There is something to be said about the old saying ‘Once A Cheater Always A Cheater’.

Keep your heart safe and love like there is no such thing as breaking up. But don’t be foolish and get taken advantage of either.