7 Things That Will Make Your Home Awesome

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We spend an enormous amount of our time at home, and for the most part, our homes are very functional. They provide us with a place to keep our things, sleep in comfort, cook and eat. They can be so much more, though. If we start to add some cool things to them, you’ll never want to leave. Here is our list of things that will make your home awesome.

An Indoor to Outdoor Pool

There’s nothing unique or particularly awesome about a house with a pool in the yard and we’ve all seen indoor pools and some of us might have them, but the pool that goes from outside to inside is truly awesome. The transition between them can give way between a pool to cool off in and relax in the summer to a heated indoor pool for the evenings and rainy days. The novelty of the transition of swimming into your house will probably never get old either.

A Treehouse for Adults

Treehouses aren’t just for kids anymore; now you can find plenty of great treehouses for adults. A structurally complete treehouse that’s sealed and lockable can make an incredible man cave, complete with a high definition TV to provide you with space to escape to watch Monday Night Football or spend some quality time on a games console. A treehouse for adults might be so great that the wife might want to join you up there sometimes.

A Slide Instead of a Staircase

This one is self-explanatory really. Why walk down the stairs when you can slide down? You’ll still have to walk up them, unfortunately, unless you go all the way and just install an escalator or lift to get back up too. Hey, we’re dreaming big here.

Dual-Use Furniture

Your dining room table is a useful piece of furniture. You can put plates on it and sit at it to eat or work. Haven’t you ever sat down at the dining room table and thought to yourself how cool it would be if you could lift the top off and play a game of snooker on it? Why stop there? You could install a ping pong net on it too and make it real dual purpose. Dual-use furniture has no limits.

A New Mattress

It might sound like a boring addition to the list but having a mattress that makes lying on your bed feel like you’re floating on a cloud isn’t as boring as you think. If you pick one up during a sale you’ll never regret the purchase of a new mattress that’s just perfect for you.

Storage Under the Stairs

There’s usually quite a lot of wasted space under the stairs of your home if you live in a double story house. Adding storage drawers or a closet under the stairs to expand on the available storage in your house might be a really cost-effective way of doing something awesome with the space. If you’re very creative, and the space is big enough why not consider making a secret room under there too? Did anyone order an adult blanket fort for one?

A Vertical Garden in Your Kitchen

There is nothing better than fresh herbs in your food. Imagine if you had ready and easy access to a range of fresh herbs right in your kitchen, in easy reach while you’re preparing meals. Imagine no more by installing a vertical herb garden in your kitchen, adding not only the herbs for cooking but a pretty neat looking green wall.

This list is probably a bit out there for most people, but imagine the possibilities of what you can really do with the space in your home with a bit of creativity and effort?