7 Things To Pack When Hiking With Dogs

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Hiking is awesome, hiking with your dog or dogs is even ‘awesome-er’.

Dogs make some of the best hiking partners as they keep you motivated and it is super fun to watch them explore nature!

The physical exercise your pup will receive is phenomenal and due to all the incredible smells that nature has to offer, their minds will get great exercise too!

So what should you bring when you head out on adventure with your canine? Here are seven great tips from blogger Jessica and ‘stuffedsuitcase.com‘ to help you pack for your next trip!

  1. Leash and harness or collar – It is a law on most Northwest trails that your dog be on a leash no longer than 6 feet. There are many good reasons for this – from safety to environmental protection – so the rules should always be followed. A collar is good but a harness is even better for hiking because it reduces the stress on your dog’s neck and back. Here are some of the best harnesses for dogs!
  2. ID Tags and picture identification – We never want our dogs to get lost but it can happen. If your dog is wearing clear identification, it’s easier for you two to be reunited. A picture of your pooch is worth a thousand words when you are trying to describe them to other hikers too.
  3. Plenty of water and snacks – Bringing water for you is a given but be sure to bring extra for your pooch too so both of you can drink freely. You’ll also want to bring plenty of snacks to keep your dog’s energy up and to coax them to look at the camera when you want to get a cute photo.
  4. Collapsible water bowl (affiliate) – Carrying a collapsible water dish is a big help when your pup is trying to drink. I am sure you don’t want them sticking their dirty tongue inside your water bottle and most of the water bottles designed specifically for dogs only carry enough water for a stroll in the park.
  5. Dog Poop Bags – It’s the right thing to do, and the law in most places, to pick up your dog’s poo and carry it out. Also bring a couple of gallon Ziploc bags to put the full waste bags to help keep the rest of your hike smell free.
  6. Basic first aid kit (affiliate) – It’s always a good idea to carry a first aid kit on your hikes but be sure to throw a couple of dog-specific things in there if you are bringing your dog. I suggest some PawZ booties (affiliate) to help keep a foot bandage dry and clean. It also a good idea to bring some generic Benadryl and know what to do if your dog has an allergic reaction to a bug bite.
  7. Camera – Ok, this is more for you than your dog but you’ll want to catch plenty of “cute fido moments” when you are adventuring with your dog. Photos of your dog with an alpine lake or jagged mountain in the background is so much more interesting to show your friends than a picture of your dog passed out on the sofa.

Jessica is author of You Did What With Your Wiener? – An active and outdoor lifestyle blog focused on enjoying those things with your dog.

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