7 Top Notch Wedding Catering Trends For 2019

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Food is not just eating energy…it’s an experience’-Guy Fieri

A big fat Indian wedding is deemed incomplete without gastronomic delights. With a notable surge on food centric media like foodie’s blogs, food bloggers instagram handle, food channels the modern couples are more into food than ever. They intend to serve the best culinary treats to their guests so that the taste lingers on their taste buds forever as a reminder of their wedding. It is said that a way to a person’s heart goes directly through the stomach and it is an apt statement.

Tired of the traditional wedding menu? Looking for ways to innovative and add a touch of uniqueness to your wedding menu. If your look to breathe a new life in your wedding menu then why not give a shot to wedding catering trends. As a host you want to settle for nothing but the best for your guests and food trends is what adds oodles of charm to the wedding menu. Every year the wedding industry comes up with new food trends and for this year the food trend that is gaining popularity is global and fusion delights.

Are you having a destination wedding in Delhi? Have you booked the wedding caterer in Delhi? Still in dilemma of which food trend would up the level of your wedding from ground level to seventh heaven? Why worry when we have got your back! Here we have curate for you a galore of the top food trends for 2019. Check em’ out.

1. The Taste Of India: Regional Cuisines

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India is a foodie’s paradise where the cuisines differ from state to state. The year’s trend is about serving regional food to the guests. The paradigm shift from International cuisines like Risotto, Lasagna, Cannelloni to regional culinary delights like dal baati churma,Palak Patta Chat, Vada Pao is to revive back the authenticity of Indian traditions. We are already drooling over the trend!

2. World Tour: Exposure To Global Delights

We Indians not just love our food but also love experimenting with the cuisines as we always crave for something new. Instead of the regular authentic Indian food menu that the guests are so tired of seeing why not make a difference and surprise them by exposing them to global delights. The inclusion of global cuisines like Asian, Mexican, Middle-Eastern, Italian among others is a hyping trend of the year. Niche cuisines like mini dosas with halloumi cheese, cocktail idlis, lobster rolls, cavaier crackers,  taco chaat, gulab jamun trifle, taco chaat have been well acclaimed by the people. Even many international food brands are seen making prominent appearances at the desi weddings.

3. DIY Food Shacks

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Another hyping trend of the year is DIY counters at the Indian weddings. From DIY salad bars, waffle counters to chaat corners the entire idea behind the concept of having these food shacksis to keep your guests entertained. The DIY counters enable the guests to customize their food according to their own preferences.

4. Avant Garde Menu

The modern day guests are better travelled and better learned and to catch their attention you have to be creative enough. The guests are better exposed to exotic global cuisines so why not have an avant grade menu for your wedding. If you’re having a high profile lavish wedding then an Avant Garde menu is is what can uplift the entire mood of the reception. Black radish, artisanal cheese like Burrata, Truffle and mushroom bars are some of the most popular exotic cuisines that have made their mark in the high profile weddings.

5. Personalized Beverages

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You might have the best cuisines at your wedding but what about beverages. To complement the culinary treats and to quench the thirst of your guests beverages prove to be mandatory part of the weddings. From love cocktails that are named after the couple to special mocktails named after the guests, customized beverages makes the dining experience interesting.

6. Tantalizing Street food

The streets and lanes of India have generated some masterpieces of food cuisines that have been well acclaimed all over the world. An Indian wedding is incomplete without the inclusion of street food. From the tantalizing flavor of the lip smacking pani poori to the spicy Vada Pav a chat counter is the highlight of any regional or cultural wedding theme.

7. Celebrity Masterchefs

A hyping trend of 2019 is to invite celebrity chef’s special performance at the weddings. Signature dishes cooked by celebrity chefs look so appealing. Give a sweet surprise to your guests by serving them with exotic dishes that arrive straight out from the kitchens of the celebrity chefs.

So which trend are you opting for in your wedding? Tell us in the comments below. To know more about latest wedding trends keep checking Shaadidukaan– India’s largest online wedding market.