7 Unique Ways to Arrange Flowers for Your Date

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You are pumped up because the girl of your dreams finally said that she will go on a date with you. Of course, you’re excited beyond belief. You’ve planned what to wear and what to do. You want to give her flowers, but you’re sick of the standard cliche three-stemmed roses to declare your love. Fret not because here are seven unique ways to arrange flowers for your date, In addition to having the help of a local calgary florist, if you live in Canada:

Put Those Blooms in a White Enamel Pitcher

Literally think outside of the flower box and place those colorful blooms in a white pitcher. White goes with everything, so it will match whatever color of flower you buy. Nothing feels more fresh than a home filled with beautiful blooms. The best part about this gifting method, once the flowers wither, your beautiful date can use the pitcher for her kitchen; and each time she pours from it, she will certainly remember you.

Use A Mason Jar Farmhouse Vase

Get that vintage farmhouse vibe by making these mason jar vases from your home. This method will show that you are crafty, and you have invested your precious time and effort into making your girl happy. Top this one off with some twine and an adorable card. This will go well with her favorite flowers, so be sure to pick the most vibrant ones.

Go Unique with Hyacinths

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This beautiful elongated hyacinth is not your usual kind of flower, but it is indeed a very pretty bloom that will make her eyes sparkle. The name alone rolls elegantly off the mouth. It’s uniqueness will sure catch her attention. Head off to your favorite florist, like Florist Flowers by Jane Brisbane, to order three pieces of this long-stemmed statement piece. You can then arrange this in three see-through long glass milk bottles, put those in a metal crate, so she can easily display it on her coffee table .

Arrange in an Old Perfume Bottle

Go to a craft store and buy an old, empty bottle of perfume. Then you can repurpose this and fill it up with petite flowers that would match the bottle’s size. On top of that, buy the same bottle of new perfume, then present both to your date at the same time. You will surely tickler her olfactory nerves with both the beautifully scented blooms and that bottle of perfume. Every time she takes a spritz, she will think of you. That’s taking thoughtfulness to the next level!

Teacups As the Vase

Using a teacup will remind your date of all the tea parties she did as a child. Put the teacup set on a tray, fill each one with a short bloom that would match the teacups color pattern, and then give her the whole set. Watch how her eyes light up in excitement when you hand her the beautiful tray full of blooms. The best part, she can easily put it on her coffee table and proudly display it for the world to see.

Hanging Flower Pot

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Buy a unique flower pot, which she can hang from her ceiling porch. The best part about this kind of flower arrangement is the whole set is still alive. With the right watering and nurturing, your girl can enjoy her blooms for a pretty long time. Every time she sees this hanging flower arrangement, she will be sure to think of you and the lengths you went through to make her feel special.

Use a Watering Can

Get a vintage design chrome watering can and fill it with her favorite blooms. Once again, the unique factor of giving her flowers in this kind of piece will surely show her how creative you are. The best part, she can use the watering can for her own garden. At least, she will always have this tangible piece to remember you by even when the flowers have already withered away.

Always remember that there is no reason to spend a fortune on floral arrangements for your date. You don’t need to be a floral expert to make these budding ideas come to life. With these tips, you can use store-bought flowers or pick them from your own garden to create unique displays that show your date how much you care.