7 Ways Dental Implants Help Improve Your Smile & Life

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Are Dental Implants Right For You?

If you’re missing one or more teeth, you may want to consider dental implants. Dental implants are made of titanium alloy, which is highly biocompatible and virtually allergy-free. The rods fuse to your jaw and become a part of your bone. Crowns then are anchored to cover them with natural-looking, often ceramic, teeth.


#1. Dental Implants Can Last A Lifetime

Dental implants are a permanent solution for missing teeth. If you take care of your implants, they’ll take care of you! Once they are in place, these new teeth can last for a lifetime. 

Fitted uniquely and perfectly to your natural jaw, they require no need for adjustments from your dentist. And they function just like your natural teeth.

#2. Procedure Costs Are Lower Than Ever

While dentures are another affordable option, they can’t beat the convenience of bonafide dental implants. What’s more, the average cost of one of these procedures is becoming increasingly more affordable. Plus some dental insurance plans may cover a portion of the crown implants. 

#3. Healthy Smiles Make Happy, Healthy People

People with healthy, beautiful smiles are more likely to be happier overall. There are plenty of studies to back this and other interest factors up. Research also proves that smiling can boost endorphins and even immune system response. Also people who tend to skip the dentist were studied to be unhappier generally in life (just saying)!

#4. Dental Implants Offer Benefits For Seniors

You’ll require highly-specialized work by a cosmetic dentist or oral surgeon for this procedure. Because of this, a single implant can range from $1,500 to $6,700.1

Thankfully, implants aren’t as expensive as they used to be due to recent price decreases and technological improvements. Seniors especially can save money, as many care providers offer exclusive discounts to their clients. Another option is dental schools, where procedure costs are greatly reduced. Additionally, dental insurance or a dental discount plan can save you tons.

#5. Advanced Color-Matching Technology

Many people worry that dental implants won’t look natural. However today’s technology makes that far from the case. Implants are probably the best way to get a natural smile if you’re missing teeth. Experts match the color to the exact shade of your natural teeth.

#6. Dentures Cause Pain & Difficulty

Dentures cause problems as they do not stay in place. Food can get trapped between them and the gums. In some cases they even can cause extreme irritation. Many seniors struggle to use dentures. But dental implants prevent these problems, as they are customizes. So there’s no need to worry about discomfort or nightly maintenance. Just brush them like you would your normal teeth! 

#7. Prevent Bone Loss & Promote Gum Health

Dental implants help prevent further bone loss¹. Your body naturally reabsorbs the bone beneath your teeth once you lose a tooth. This can make it harder for doctors to perform procedures in the future. It can also weaken your jaw, as well as visibly warp and age your face. But dental implants stabilize your jaw to prevent bone loss.


Do Your Research Before Choosing

Are affordable dental implants the right choice for you? Do your research. Take time while exploring options, especially for seniors. Compare your local specialists and their promotions and prices below. 

Dental implants can turn your life around. Virtually risk-and-worry-free. Shine for all to see with a brand new beaming smile once again. Tired of living with missing teeth? Or of being too timid to smile fully? Start looking at your options today.

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