7 Winning Database Marketing Techniques Marketing Students Should Know About

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Today, marketing students have a lot on their plate. There are new advertising trends and tools being released every year! It’s not like it was only ten years ago when you had the option to choose between a TV ad or a magazine promotion. The interaction with your clients and potential leads has never been more personal!

If you are currently studying marketing, you already know that there are many ways to communicate with your target audience. The final goal, of course, is to make a sale and gain a returning client. Still, every business needs a different approach when it comes to turning a lead into something real. This is when various advertising techniques come into play!

For example, one of the most effective approaches is database marketing. Of course, for a student, it might be hard to differentiate all of these tools in the beginning. You can hire a write essays for me service to help you make sense of all this information, especially right before an exam! Expert writers will help you gather your thoughts and become a professional in this field!


So, are you ready to expand your advertising knowledge a little bit? Here are 7 winning database marketing techniques that students should know about!

What is database marketing?

First of all, let’s start with the basics! If you haven’t studied this in college yet, this will also help you gain an advantage over your peers. Database marketing is a sales approach where you interact directly with the clients and their personal data. Here are a couple of things that ad experts use in this case to reach their target audience:

  • Names of the customers;
  • Their contact info, such as phone number or an email;
  • Purchase history;
  • Product preferences;
  • Customer support requests, and so on.

With the help of this information, advertising specialists create a unique experience for the client. They gather all the essential info and use it to promote some products or services that could interest this particular person. Also, this type of direct advertising allows you to see how clients want to be marketed. In other words, you can learn if the client likes the promotion at all.

Most popular techniques that deliver 100% result

There are many benefits to using database marketing. First of all, you will use all available client info to the max. Secondly, you will focus your attention on those customers who are definitely interested in your goods and services. The last but not least advantage of this approach is that your marketing strategy will be several times more effective and bring more revenue!

Customer segmentation

Even if your company is not huge, you can still divide your paying clientele into segments. Basically, this is the first step to creating an effective database that will work for you in the future. Based on this info, business owners can customize their advertising strategies for each client group. Here are some of the criteria ideas for your database:

  • Previous purchases;
  • Personal interests;
  • Demographics, for example, age, place of residence, income, and so on;
  • Search history.

Customer relationship management

This is a rather broad approach to database marketing that includes many subcategories. Still, CRM has proven to be very effective in improving your connection with the target audience and growing your business! For example, when you are looking for essayhub review, you become a part of a CRM strategy. If you like what you are seeing, a company will gain a new client!

Here are a couple of CRM tools that work extremely well together with database marketing:

  1. Leads generation, which helps in the identification of potential consumers.
  2. Tracking tools, like pay-per-click.
  3. Social media advertising.

Relationship marketing

In essence, this strategy is a part of the previously discussed customer relationship management. In simple terms, this approach implies that you and your company value the connection with the client. This is an important lesson for any student because building trust and a long-term connection are more important than making a quick sale.

Predictive models

This is a very interesting approach to database marketing that also includes the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Here, experts create some models based on the existing consumer data. These models predict who will respond to your advertising efforts, what campaigns will be effective, and why you need to improve your communication.

Customer lifetime value

This is an older trick that has been used by companies for decades. Marketing specialists try to calculate the amount of money that you can get from a single client during your relationship. In other words, you can predict the profits from a person as long as you continue to interact with each other. So don’t forget about having a good relationship with your target audience!

Relational database tools

You can’t really imagine database marketing without this technology. With the help of relational models, you can store and retrieve any info at any point in time. This is important for a business because you can categorize this info according to your specific attributes, like name, contact info, and so on. All this info is available to you in any shape and form just in a couple of clicks!


Collaboration with other teams

This should go without saying, but some people often forget this simple truth. If you want to make a profit and attract loyal customers, you should collaborate with all departments. After all, maintaining a business is a team effort. Sales, customer support, marketing, and even IT departments, which also have direct contact with clients, should work together.


So there you have it, 7 winning database marketing techniques that students should know about! Keep in mind that this field is constantly changing. Students have the most up-to-date materials that they will use for their benefit in the future. Still, try to do some research by yourself just to keep up with the latest trends!