7-Year-Old Boy Finds Bag Of Money Stolen From Bank In Trash Can

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Griffin Steele of South Carolina is the talk of his town after he found a large trash bag full of cash in a trash can.

While Griffin and his dad were at their local gas station, Griffin noticed a $20 bill on the ground that had some red dye on it. He showed the bill to his father, who thought it was odd, but they two went about their business. 

When Griffin was leaving the store, he needed to throw away some trash and made is way over to the trash can…and that is where he found the loot!

“I had some wrapping from my Gatorade bottle, so I went to the trash can and I threw it in and there was tons of money in there with red dye on it,” Griffin Steele said.

“He says ‘Dad, this whole trash can’s full of money!’” Shane Steele said.

Griffin’s dad called police, and found out they were looking for 35-year-old Brian Humphreys Jr. — a suspect in two bank robberies in one week.

When the media as Griffin why he didn’t take some of the money that wasn’t dyed red…

“I wanted to do the right thing,” Griffin said.

It’s not surprising, considering the boy was given an integrity award from his teachers earlier this year.

“The moral lesson from him is you do what’s right and that’ll be the best path,” Shane Steele said.

The police did make an arrest in the case and Griffin will have an awesome story to tell or the rest of his life!

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