A $755 Pack Of Condoms…WHAT???

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Venezuelans who already must line up for hours to buy chicken, sugar, medicines and other basic products in short supply now face a new indignity: Condoms are hard to find and nearly impossible to afford.

With collapsing oil prices Venezuela has seriously fallen on hard times.  Certain consumer products such as diapers and deodorant are getting near impossible to find or afford.  Customers must line up for hours outside the pharmacy just to purchase condoms if you can afford the whopping $755 price tag for just one pack of the safety rubbers!  Yikes!

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“The country is so messed up that now we have to wait in line even to have sex,” lamented Jonatan Montilla, a 31-year-old advertising company art director. “This is a new low.”


“Without condoms we can’t do anything,” Jhonatan Rodriguez, general director at the not-for-profit health group StopVIH, said by phone Jan. 28 from Venezuela’s Margarita Island. “This shortage threatens all the prevention programs we have been working on across the country.”

The risk of disease and teen pregnancy is something that the country is very worried about.  I don’t know many people who could afford a $755 pack of condoms…do you?

Sounds like an importation of inexpensive condoms is needed in Venezuela for sure!