8 Awesome Gifts for Your Healthy Food Loving Friend

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We all have at least one friend who works out, stays in shape and eats healthy. While we should all try to be more like that friend of ours, it isn’t easy! Irrespective of your own lifestyle choices though, when you are planning to gift something that will hold value to that health-conscious friend of yours, here are eight ideas that won’t fail you, and your friend will actually appreciate the gift.

The Classic Blender

If your friend doesn’t have one already, you need to correct that and gift them the classic blender, which makes it super easy to prepare those healthy protein and fruit shakes, which health food lovers swear by. Remember that a blender is less feature-rich compared to a food processor, but when it comes to making those shakes, blenders are a much better option.

The Water Bottle with a Built-In Water-Purifier

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If your friend loves working out and eating healthy, chances are that he/she is also a fan of experiencing the fresh and healthy outdoors. Keep your friend safe from water poisoning during one of their camping or hiking trips, by presenting them with a water bottle that has an in-built water purifier. What it does is that it enables health conscious adventurers to collect and drink water from natural streams, lakes and waterfalls, without worrying about getting poisoned or infected.

The Walnut Cutting Board Makes So Much Sense

Someone who loves healthy food will need safe food preparation equipment to cook as well, although they may not even be aware of that fact. Slicing vegetables with walnut cutting boards is safer and that walnut will last a long time. In addition to being more resistant to germ buildups than regular wood or plastic, every one of the walnut cutting boards from Virginia Boys Kitchens is a piece of beautiful woodwork that your friend will be proud to use and show off.

Cast-Iron Cookware is the Next Best Gift

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Non-stick cookware is cheap and it does make cooking a little easier, but they can also be toxic and won’t last long at all. Cooking in cast-iron cookware is the safest way to cook, without having to worry about toxicity or longevity. For someone who is sensitive about eating healthy, a complete set of cast-iron cookware is a great gift.

Get Them Signed Up for a Healthy Cooking Course

Any man or woman who loves to stay fit and eat healthy needs to know how to cook, so if your friend is still depending on home deliveries from restaurants and doing his/her best to eat healthy from unhealthy kitchens, it is time to get the health food lover signed up for cooking classes. The ability to cook your own meals is a basic survival skill really, and to a health food lover, this can be one of the best gifts on this list.

Take them Out for a Healthy Meal

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Thanks to global consciousness, spread via the internet, a lot of people are demanding health food in restaurants these days, and where there is demand, there will be supply.

Health food restaurants are now there in every major city in the US, so simply take your friend out to one of the local health food establishments and treat them to everything they love. It still probably won’t be as special and healthy as a home cooked meal, but some of these new health food places come pretty close.

Cook a Healthy Meal for Them

If you know how to cook, go through a few recipes and find one that you think will appeal most to your friend. Learn the recipe, and use those awesome cooking skills of yours to prepare a home-cooked, healthy and tasty meal for him/her. Invite them over for lunch or dinner and surprise them with the special meal. For someone who specifically loves healthy food, this is definitely going to work like a charm.

How About a Cookbook?

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Admittedly, the availability of recipes via the internet has made it easy to whip up tasty and healthy food without even owning a single cookbook. Nevertheless, anyone who loves to cook will always have at least a few paperback cookbooks in their collection.

It isn’t convenient to look at your smartphone, keep the screen turned on and scroll down to look through the online recipe, while actually cooking the meal. Find a good book on healthy cooking recipes and present it to your friend; they are guaranteed to like it and find it useful. If your friend prefers a Kindle or an iPad for reading, electronic cookbooks will also work pretty well.

This is not a comprehensive list of course, but as long as you select any one or more of the eight items we mentioned here, rest assured that it will please your health food nut of a friend for sure.