The 8-Best Apps To Identify Unknown Plants And Flowers

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Want to become a wilderness expert in the field of plant and flower identification? Well, you are in luck because there are apps for that!

Here are eight of the best apps to help you identify all of those plants and flowers that have you saying ‘Ummm’! ☘

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1. PlantSnapp

The PlantSnapp app is ideal for those green fingered gardeners who would like to buy a plant they don’t recognise. First take a photograph of the plant, then the app will do its best to recognise it.  Once recognised it will give details of name, care information and even where/when it must be planted. Here’s the clever bit…once you’ve found out what your mystery plant is, you can then buy it through the app from one of their HTA certified nurseries.  The PlantSnapp app is available from Apple only.

2. LikeThat Garden

LikeThat Garden is an extremely simple app available from Apple only. It’s an easy process that involves the user photographing the plant in question and the app sifting through its database to find matches.

The app also gives details of similar looking plants to give inspiration for your garden as well as care information. Available from the App store.

3. FlowerChecker

The FlowerChecker app uses real botanists to identify unknown plants, moss, fungus and even lichen, perhaps therefore making it the most accurate of the apps. Available from the App Store and for Android.

4. Plantifier

Available from the App store and for Android, Plantifier also has a team of people behind it from, helping to identify unknown plants.

5. Leafsnap

Developed by the University of Maryland, Smithsonian Institute and Columbia University, Leafsnap identifies tree species from their leaves. For the UK app, Leafsnap have partnered with the Natural History Museum in order to create a bank of images and to help with identifying tricky trees. Available from the App store.

6. NatureGate

Available for Android and from the App Store, NatureGate allows you identify your plant with a database of 700 species. In addition to this, it also helps to identify birds, fish and even butterflies.

7. iPflanzen

Rather than using photographs to recognise plants/flowers, iPflanzen requires you to enter criteria such as leaf shape or fruit colour in order to figure out the mystery. In conjunction with their other apps – iGarten and iForest – extremely detailed and interesting information can easily be found.

8. Google Googles

Although not directly plant related, Google Googles works via the user taking a photograph, and if the app recognizes what is in the picture, it will offer up suggestions and information of what it may be.

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