8 Of Our Favorite Vintage Photos Of Winter

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We are suckers for vintage photographs and the eight below really have a wonderful and interesting feel.

An Inuit man warms his wife’s feet in Peterahwik, Greenland. 


Photograph by Robert E. Peary, National Geographic


Lineman scrape snow from a 30 foot telephone pole after being hit by a massive blizzard in Soda Springs, California, 1952.


Photograph Courtesy of Pacific Telephone & Telegraph Co., National Geographic


Girls ice skate to school in Spreewald, Germany


Photograph by A. Frankl, National Geographic


Horses pull a car out of a snowbank during a blizzard in Houghton, Michigan


Photograph by Reeder J.T., National Geographic


Children pull each other across the frozen Baltic Sea in Poland


Photograph : A. Frankl, National Geographic


A reindeer pulls tourists through the snow in Norway. 


Photograph by Kidal, Arne, A.B. Wilse, National Geographic


Hikers navigate snowy, icy crevasses in Washington’s Mount Rainier National Park during the turn of the century. 


Photograph by Curtis Miller, National Geographic


Skier and actor Leo Gasperl get some serious air in Italy 1954


Photograph by Hajek, Leo-Heinz, National Geographic


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