8 Reasons Why Proper Product Packaging Matters For Your Brand

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Founder’s Guide

As a business owner, you should get familiar with the concept of product packaging and its immense benefits for your brand. It can serve as a marketing strategy to convert one-time buyers to long-term customers, especially when you have a good product.

After working so hard to bring the perfect solution-providing product into the market, it’s only fitting that your product’s packaging helps to complement the value your product has to offer. For instance, you could show that you are an environmentally conscious brand by using eco-friendly custom packaging for your products. Here are eight reasons to consider and implement proper product packaging for your business.


It Offers Protection For Your Products

You don’t want your customers to receive your product dented, scratched, or broken. Of course, no customer would want that either. However you decide to package your products, the packaging should be able to protect them from damages that can occur during the shipping process.

Proper cushioning, correct box sizes, and high-quality packaging materials will go a long way in making sure your products reach their owners in good condition. Work with your packaging supplier to ensure that your products use the best packaging possible. This will influence the perception of your brand positively.


It Delivers An Excellent Unboxing Experience

According to Dotcom Distribution, 55 percent of people report that the unboxing experience helped convince them to buy the product. A lot of people enjoy unboxing a package. It’s fascinating and thrilling. Of course, they know what’s inside most of the time, but a little bit of fun and excitement while unboxing your product will go a long way in getting your customer glued to your brand for a long time.

You should liaise with your packaging supplier to create great packaging that will represent your product while delivering an excellent unboxing experience for your customers.


It Makes Your Products Stand Out / Brand Recognition

Proper product packaging helps your product stand out in the market. Generic packaging may not do a great job of differentiating your brand from others. You can make your product easily identifiable to customers with attractive custom packaging. It can also easily attract new customers. In addition, suitable product packaging can amplify the value of your product.

It Makes Your Business More Visible / Strengthens Your Reputation

Visibility is an excellent tool for your business. You should maximize every possible chance to gain increased visibility for your brand/product because it strongly affects your customers. Product packaging is a great way to gain visibility, create a lasting first impression of your product, improve positive responses and strengthen your brand reputation positively.


It Enhances Customer Experience

A great customer experience will leave your customers coming back for more. Good product packaging can enhance customer experience. For instance, when the product packaging comes with detailed information such as ingredients, usage guide, production information, and a personalized message to customers, it can make it easier to use the products. This will translate to a great customer experience.

Even more impressive, the positive customer experience can help you retain existing customers while enticing new customers to your brands.


It Adds Personality To Your Products

Your package is an excellent opportunity to add a personalized touch to your products. You can use it to make a lasting impression and add that personality to your brand with everything from the packaging materials, color, designs, customized notes and messages for customers, etc.

The packaging will allow your business to show its personality without limitations or restrictions, irrespective of your industry or the kind of product you’re marketing.


It Can Increase Sales

Most times, customers are drawn toward something appealing and attractive. They’ll instantly form opinions on your product with or without using it. An appealing product packaging will influence the purchasing decision of clients. Use good custom packaging to convince people to buy, try your products, and form a concrete opinion about them.

With the right packaging that effectively communicates an amazing user experience to your target audience, you can increase your product sales and maintain your customer base by a whopping percentage.


It Allows You To Adopt Sustainable Packaging

Eco-friendly packaging is becoming a necessity for many businesses. Recently, the populace has encouraged brands to be more responsible and intentional about the environment. Recent studies by Business Wire report that 37% of U.S. consumers are willing to pay more for brands that prioritize sustainability in their packaging.

Using packaging materials that can be reused for other purposes or recycled will not only be beneficial to the environment, but it’ll also help you retain customer loyalty among eco-conscious consumers. In addition, it’s a great way to show your customers how much you care about the environment by being environmentally responsible.