8-Year-Old Girl Who Helps Her Philadelphia Community By Cutting Their Hair Is World’s Youngest Female Barber

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Source: https://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/

Neijae Graham-Henries, at only eight years old, is already sharing her skills to others by giving free haircuts to the people in her community. 

Before even starting the second grade, Neijae, who was only seven years old at that time, decided to enrol in the Junior Barber Academy located in North Philadelphia when her brother backed out from the course, realizing cutting hair was not for him. Completing the course as the only girl in class and the youngest trainee, she claims that she is also the world’s youngest female barber. 

“I thought there was going to be girls, but also I liked it because nobody was intimidated, not even the boys. They treat me like a queen.” 

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After graduating, this little girl took her career to the next level and started helping out her community by giving free haircuts to children, as well as volunteering to help out cut hair of the homeless people.

“I do give free haircuts because I wanna help people in need and it’s right to do that.” 

Even after achieving so much and bring a big help to her community, her dreams and goals do not just end there! One day, Neijae wants to be a professional barber and if there was a celebrity she would love to cut hair of, it would surely be her favorite basketball player, Lebron James. 

“It was really exciting for me to see her go after something that she really wanted to do,” her mom said. “I’m hoping she can take that same attitude and that same focus and energy throughout her life.”


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