9 Common Behaviors That May Make You Look ‘Dumber’ Than You Are!

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In life, we all do things that some may perceive as ‘dumb’ or ridiculous. Now, most of us could care less what other people think, however, it is rather interested to understand how some people perceive common behaviors that many of us have. How do these behaviors make us look to others?

Well, luckily for us, there have been many survey’s on human perception of others and below you find 9 common behaviors that many of us portray and how others may feel about them.

I’m sure there are few on the list that you have noticed others saying or doing and thought to yourself…’That guy is a dumbass.’. If you have, you are not alone. Just make sure you are not the ‘dumbass’ in the future!

Cover photo credit : Dumb and Dumber, Universal Pictures.