9 Gross Things We All Do But Won’t Admit To

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1.) Peeing In The Shower


We all do it, or have done it at least a few times!

2.) Scratching Your Privates


Sometimes you just have to itch it out!

3.) Looking At Your Business After You Do It


A little glance never hurts.

4.) Picking Your Nose


It is what you do after the nose picking act which is truly questionable!

5.) Doing Pit Checks


You gots to stay fresh!

6.) Getting Some Serious Pleasure Out Of Popping Zits, Or Someone Else’s Zits


There is nothing like a good whitehead popping, or the satisfaction of finally getting that pesky blackhead out!

7.) Throwing Loose Hair Strands On The Shower Walls


I get yelled at often for this maneuver

8.) Spitting Off Tall Buildings, Ferris Wheels, Or Anything High Enough In The Air Where You May Be Able To Hit Someone Without Getting Noticed


Maybe it is the little kid inside each of us, but we have all done this at least once!

9.) Rarely Washing Your Sheets


Super gross, but also super normal for many

Soooo, How Many Of These Are You Guilty Of?