9 Small Gestures to Make Someone Smile

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Source: https://www.washingtonpost.com/

Life can often get in the way of the little things: like having a moment to yourself or being able to enjoy your favourite hobby. Unfortunately, life can also get in the way of connecting with the people that you care about most. If you’ve found yourself drifting away from your friends, in need of reaching out to a loved one who you haven’t seen in a while, or you know someone who could use cheering up, all it really takes is a small gesture to bridge that gap again. So, whatever reason you have for wanting to reach out to someone, here are a few different ideas for things you can do to make them smile.


Cook their favorite food

No meal is more enjoyable than one you haven’t had to cook for yourself, so making someone their favorite meal is a perfect way to show that you care.


Buy them flowers

Flowers are a simple but effective gesture when you’re looking to lift someone’s mood, especially when you put in some extra thought and choose flowers based on their meaning.


Send them a card

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Most people forget how great it feels to receive a handwritten card until they get one. Why not send them a sweet message, or appeal to their sense of humour with rude cards to make them laugh? You could either surprise them with the card in person or send it in the mail.


Take them to their favourite spot

If you know there is a special place that they like to visit, why not take them there? It could be anywhere from their favorite park, to a movie theater; it’s the thought that counts.


Help them out with an errand

When people are stressed and rushed off their feet, there is no nicer gesture than helping them to take a few jobs off of their list. Go round to visit and offer to help them with the chores, or maybe take the kids for a while so they can have some peace and quiet.


Send a thoughtful message

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A short text can go a long way to making someone’s day better. Why not send a few words to check in and see how they are?


Make them laugh

Laughter is most definitely the best form of medicine, so why not do something to make them laugh? Pull a funny face and send them a selfie, or bombard them with jokes for a day; you might be surprised how effective laughing can be!


Give them a hug

It seems so simple, but hugging has lots of health benefits, and can be one of the best ways to boost people’s oxytocin levels to give them that happy feeling.


Just be there for them

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When it comes down to it, making someone smile isn’t really about what you do, but rather about just being there for someone. Whether you go all out for a big gesture, or just sit down with them and lend a listening ear, your friends and family will just appreciate you showing that you care.