Young Boy Has Emotional Photo Shoot Honoring Is Fallen Police Officer Hero & Father.

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9-year-old Ethan Vincent’s hero growing up was his policeman father. He was always willing to help people in their community, and his lesson to his son was to do the right thing.

So when Ethan’s dad, Senior Trooper Steven Vincent, was killed during a routine traffic stop, little Ethan was devastated. The whole community grieved together at the loss of what many people called the senseless killing of an honorable police officer, a great father, and an all-around “awesome guy” to anyone that came in contact with him.

But with Vincent’s untimely passing, his grieving widow wanted to do something special to honor his memory. That’s when she contacted photgrapher April Reeves, and after taking some shots of little Ethan holding his father’s flag and wearing his hat, April knew she wanted to add a special touch to the photos.

Using the help of Vincent’s brothers in blue, she managed to surprise the grieving family in the most touching way possible.








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