90-Year-Old WWII Veteran Finds Long Lost Love Letter At Goodwill

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love letter

It is remarkable how the Universe works.

A 70-year-old love letter that WWII Veteran Bill Moore wrote when he was just 20-years-old found its way back into Moore’s hands recently.

Moore wrote the letter 70 years ago to Bernadean Gibson, a woman who stole his young heart. Moore and Gibson married and remained married for 63 years. Gibson sadly passed away in 2010 while Moore lives out his days in an assisted living facility.

love letter2

When the letter found its way back to Moore, he was overwhelmed with emotion. Holding the original letter and envelope that started him on a journey of love, family and life.

love letter3

What an amazing gift. The letter was found at Goodwill, tucked away in a old record sleeve. The odds of ever seeing the letter again after 70 years are truly astronomical. I guess it goes to show that true love truly never dies.


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