A Beginner’s Guide To Anime Conventions: Essential Things You Need to Know

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Conventions dedicated to anime have taken the world by storm as attendees have been increasing year after year. According to an article by Anime Cons, tens of thousands of anime enthusiasts attend these events every year. Anime Expo, which is the biggest one in the U.S., boasts an attendance of approximately 107,658.

If you happen to be an anime fan and have been dying to attend anime conventions, you have come to the right place. Below are essential things to know about this type of anime event.

What is an Anime Convention?

An anime convention is a type of event gathering made for individuals who are fans of anime or Japanese animation. Other forms of media related to anime are also showcased, such as manga or Japanese comic books and video games derived from anime.

Anime conventions could be a small event with only a couple of attendees or a large expo with thousands of attendees. Most notable anime events include Anime Expo, Anime Matsuri, and A-Kon.

What Happens During an Anime Convention?

Activities that occur in an anime convention vary depending on how significant the event is. The following are some of the collective activities:

  1. Screenings

Conventions include block screenings of popular anime movies or series. This is an advantage because sometimes advanced screenings of films that haven’t been commercially released will happen.


  1. Merchandise Sales

You will have the chance to buy limited edition anime merchandise that won’t be available elsewhere, such as clothes, accessories, and art, to name a few. This makes an anime expo a must-visit event for anime collectors.


  1. Workshops

If you have an artistic side, you are in for a treat if you attend anime conventions. This is because some of these events host seminars, so you can learn how your favorite anime films and shows were made from scratch.


  1. Competitions

One of the benefits of attending anime expo is that you have the chance to compete for different events and gain exciting prizes. You can join video game competitions and go head-to-head with other fans.

You can participate in cosplay competitions and be rewarded with fantastic prizes by wearing exceptional anime costumes.


  1. Concerts

If you are a music lover, especially the ones featured in anime, then you can never go wrong attending an anime convention. These events host musical concerts and bring in special industry guests for surprise appearances.

Is It Expensive?

The price for admission tickets or registration fees for anime conventions depends on numerous factors. Conventions may last two to three days, so if you plan to attend all the events, you would need to pay more.

As mentioned earlier, numerous activities occur during an anime expo, so if you want to participate in everything, again, you need to pay a few extra bucks. Convention fees are not that expensive anymore and paying a premium for things that you love and passionate about are always suitable investments anyway.

Are Conventions Safe?

Anime conventions are much like other significant events and conferences in the sense that they are generally quite safe environments. Convention organizers make sure that there is security personnel in critical areas to prevent commotion from occurring as well as bring order to attendees when necessary.

There are also healthcare professionals in-standby if emergency medical scenarios occur or if someone needs first-aid. Generally, you can go carefree, as these types of events are safe and secure.

Attending an anime convention is always an enjoyable experience. The energy in these events is festive, as you can feel the ambiance of positivity. Participating in activities also gives you the chance to interact with people who have the same interests as you, developing unexpected friendships in the process. Checkout anime expos, and be sure to attend one soon!


Author Name: Sarah Williams