A Blunt And Outspoken Friend Is The Best Friend You Could Ever Have

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Honest and loyal friends are hard to come by these days. It seems as though everyone is out to impress others, while a very select few are actually daring enough to be themselves. Friends who are ‘real’ and truly honest with themselves, are the friends that will be blunt, honest and ‘real’ with you — right to your face! If you have a friend that is loyal, honest and trustworthy, keep them around, because they are a true rarity.

They will never sugar coat with lie

These types of friends will tell you exactly what they fell about you, or a situation you are involved in. They won’t sugar coat anything and they most certainly won’t lie to you. Don’t get bothered by their words, instead, use them as constructive criticism and know that their words are fueled by love for you and your well being.

They speak their mind openly

You will never have to guess what type of personality your friend has, because they wear it on their sleeve. The best thing about having a friend like this, you always know exactly what is on their mind and what their thought process is. There is never any doubt. You know that the stories they tell are real and you know that they will always speak truthfully. Which is awesome, because if they are speaking the truth to you, you know they are speaking the truth about you to others.

They will never stab you in the back

A blunt friend is super easy to trust! It’s that simple. They won’t go around talking crap behind your back. They won’t make up lies about you and you know that your secrets are always super safe with them. They want the best for you, not to hurt you.

They make the best company

A straightforward friend is the best company to have around you. You enjoy their honesty, loyalty and offensive nature. They are pure in their hearts, and that’s why they will comment on everything honestly.

They have amazing humor

Their sense of humor is off the charts. Often times these types of friends are super sarcastic and you absolutely love it! Being blunt and funny pretty much go hand and hand. There is definitely never a dull moment!

They offer the purest form of friendship

A blunt friend provides you with the purest form of friendship. While in their company, you realize that you are surrounded by this incredibly pure form of friendship. You learn to be an extrovert and to speak what you actually hold in your mind and heart. Being blunt is not acceptable by many people in our society but in actual, it is the rare quality that must be adopted from such honest and open people. You learn too much from them including how to be truthful, daring and never bothering to please everyone that comes in your life.