A California Moving Company Will Move Domestic Abuse Victims At No Cost

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The name of the company is Meathead Movers and they have teamed up with non-profit Good Shepherd in order to assist domestic violence victims with getting out of their situation as quickly and easily as possible.

The non-profit identifies the abusive situations and Meathead works directly with them to assist at no cost. The service is in line with the character of the mostly men working at the company who all beleive that real men never resort to abuse. Instead real men help out those in need.

Those who qualify will work through the nonprofit to set up a moving situation. The charity will work with the movers on a monthly basis to provide these services.

Meathead Movers was founded in 1997. The president and CEO Aaron Steed says the following about working with the non-profit to provide the services to those in need:

“We know how hard it is to pack up someone’s life and move it to a new location – but it’s unimaginable to think about a woman and her children trying to pack up all their belongings and flee before the abuser returns home. When we realized we had the resources to help provide a fresh start for these victims, we knew Good Shepherd was the perfect organization to connect us with those who need our services most.”

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