Camper That Expands 3x Its Original Size Will Change The Way You Travel & Camp

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camper van1

This is camper is simply genius! What an incredible design and idea!

French company Beauer is offering a solution to small, cramped quartered camping. In their Beaurer 3X caravan model, which is tiny when being towed, can expand to three times the sized when it’s parked. With just the push of a button, telescopes in under 20 seconds to its full size, which provides unbelievably space in comparison to it’s original size.

The camper is 8.5 feet long by 6 feet wide. In its fully elongated form, there is room for a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living and dining room. The interior fixtures are designed to interlock with one another when the caravan is closed. Therefore, as soon as the camper is expanded it is ready to use, just fold down the sofa and you’re ready for one relaxing night in your favorite camping spot! (Check out the videos below!)

camper van4

Beauer is also working on integrating the 3X design into a camper van called the 3XC. The changes in design show that you will be able to camp atop the van or detach the 3X and use it as a standalone module.

camper van



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