A Chicago Neighborhood Erupts When Police Tow Vehicle From Crime Scene With Two Bodies Inside

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32-year-old Darron Thomas and 35-year-old Kenneth J. Wallace were sitting in Thomas’ car on the 500 Block of North Avers in Chicago, Illinois, at around 2:35AM when a drive-by claimed their lives.

Police were called and the area was roped off and considered a crime scene. However, as seen on camera, the crime scene doesn’t appear to have high priority in the eyes of the Chicago police. The car in which Thomas and Wallace lay deceased in, is seen getting towed away by a repossession truck. The car is hooked up to the tow truck and dragged on down the road, two bodies in plain view of the public.

Last we knew, this wasn’t protocol. Bodies need to be removed by a coroner, the crime scene needs to be processed for evidence and then the vehicle should be towed on a flatbed truck in order to preserve any evidence that may be on the vehicle.

Check out the video, what do you think? Did the police really mess this situation up?

(via – Youtube)