A Collection Of The Price Is Right’s Biggest Winners And Moments!

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Here are some awesome forgotten moments from the Price Is Right!

During this episodeĀ A young contestant was playing the Clock Game, where you have to guess the price of an item and you are told higher or lower depending on your answer. There is 30 seconds on the clock and two items that she needs to guess the price of. During this episode however, there was a little extra incentive. Guess both prices within 10 seconds and win $1 million! Well…let’s just say this #girl was on her ‘A’ game!


Showcase Winner!


It doesn’t get much closer than this!


One of the biggest winners!


Pastor bids $1 million…and ends up winning!


The perfect putt!


A perfect hand with Bob Barker!


One of the luckiest contestants ever!


Oh…and then there is the time Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad taught a contestant how to get on TPIR and it worked!

Source : Youtube

Hope you enjoyed these flashbacks!

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