A Complete Review Of The MYST™ XRT™ Automatic Toothbrush

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Over the years we have tested out quite a few products, some good and some not so good. For the purposes of this article and for saving the reader a little time — this is one of those GOOD products!

It’s called the MYST™ automatic toothbrush and when we were first sent this product (by the good folks over at MYST™), we were excited to check it out. And to make the record clear, I personally reached out to MYST and asked if I could check it out — so this isn’t some sort of paid promo or anything.

MYST™ Package Contents

What’s in the box

  • MYST™ toothbrush
  • USB charging cable
  • Charging Dock Station
  • Instructions

So here are the quick pros that we found right way, upon receiving and opening the MYST™ package — and we will get into more specifics below:

  • The packaging was sleek and very well constructed. The packaging is very similar to that of an iPhone actually. Just a rugged and well made product.
  • The toothbrush itself has a great weight to it, fit in my mouth almost perfectly and just seems really well made — like a lot of time went into designing it.
  • We immediately plugged in the charging dock and set the MYST™ on it and it worked like charm — it charged quickly too!

MYST™ Toothbrush


What its supposed to do VS. what is actually does


MYST™ states that it cleans every surface of every tooth (including the gum line), simultaneously and in just 30-seconds. To do this, they use a technology called XRT™ or Expansion Radius Technology™.

After testing out their XRT™ technology and the function of the toothbrush first hand, I would say that it works as advertised. I used a plaque dye tablet before using MYST™ in order for me to see any plaque spots I had on my teeth (which were quite a few, eew), then rinsed, brushed with MYST™ and then put another plaque tablet in. I would say about 90% of plaque was gone after just that one brushing.

So does the MYST™ brush your teeth as advertised?, I would say YES it does.


The toothbrush is said to be easy to clean after each use, that would also be correct from my experience. The MYST™ is entirely waterproof, so I literally just rinsed it off under the faucet and gently wiped it with my fingers.

Different cleaning modes

MYST™ comes with three different speed settings for cleaning purposes, one of those is said to be for the massaging of the gums and gentle cleaning of the gum line. I personally enjoyed the middle speed setting, as it felt good and it left my mouth feeling really fresh. You could definitely feel the MYST™ cleaning the gums on every single setting.



How to use MYST™

Using this toothbrush was super easy — and when I say easy — I mean easy.

I love Tom’s toothpaste, so that is what I used when using MYST™. You can use any toothpaste you want with MYST™, even whitening gel. (There is a blue LED light embedded within the toothbrush, that will whiten teeth also). So a pretty cool extra little feature.

MYST™ With Blue LED

So this is how you use MYST™

  • Put a few dabs of toothpaste on the top and bottom the silicone bristles.
  • Rinse bristles under water for a quick second.
  • Place into mouth, click the center button until you find the speed you wish to use.
  • Gently move the MYST™ back and forth, side to side and up and down for 30-seconds.
  • Then you are done!
  • Rinse and set the MYST™ on the charging dock.

I do want to mention, WATCH OUT for knock of versions or cheap imitations of MYST™. There are a few out there and for lack of better words, they are ‘junk’. Stick with MYST™!

If you are interested in trying MYST™ for yourself or maybe give it as a gift — you can purchase one right on the MYST™ official website.