A Father’s Emotional Courtroom Reaction To His Son’s Murderer Pleading Insane

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This poor father’s son fell victim to a murderer and sadly lost his life. As if that was not hard enough to bear, the father then had to witness his son’s murderer plead insanity to the crime.

The father’s emotions, already running high caused him to lose control when he heard the suspects plea. The father makes some very valid points during his emotional argument before he is escorted out of the court room.

‘You were not insane when you killed my son’ and ‘you need to be in jail, not laying around a mental hospital’ where among the statements exclaimed by the mourning parent.

I can’t say we blame him. It would appear by words spoken by the father, that his son was trying to get away from the suspect and was shot in the back. Insane or not, people know right from wrong and this suspect was clearly in the wrong.



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