A Florida Dog Put A Car Into Reverse And Drove It In Circles For Nearly An Hour

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Florida authorities say they responded to a rogue vehicle spinning in reverse around a suburban cul-de-sac with a lone occupant inside: a Black Labrador.

Residents of a Port St. Lucie neighborhood called police to report a car going around and around in circles as a dog jumped around in the car.

The owner of the car stepped away from the car for a quick moment and the black lab decided to put the car into drive and take a little spin around the cul-de-sac! That little ride, turned into nearly 60-minutes.

The car ended up swiping a mailbox, which slowed the car down a bit, but police ultimately stopped the joyride by punching a passcode into the driver’s door. No one was hurt.

Once the car came to a complete stop the pup was let out and bystanders said that the joy riding pup was in good spirits, adding that the dog “jumped out of the car, wagging his tail.”