A Guide To Different Types Of Wedding Or Bridal Rings For Buyers

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Picking up a beautiful wedding ring is crucial for both men and women. A wedding is not complete without the ring exchange ceremony. Since rings are the main attractions of such a wedding ritual, you need to invest enough time to pick up the best wedding ring for your bride or groom. Different kinds of wedding rings are available. Buyers should have some basic ideas on different wedding rings. There are some conventional rings. You shall also find some unique rings which feature contemporary and exclusive design. So, here in this article, buyers can find a smart guide to pick up the right wedding rings.

Stairway to Heaven Bridal Set Diamond Ring- Gabriella

Diamond Wedding Rings

Diamond is a precious stone, and it is regarded as auspicious too. Nothing can match the charm and vibrant appearance of diamond rings. When it comes to buying wedding rings, diamond rings are mostly preferred by everyone. You shall find different designs for diamond rings. Based on the design, here is a guide on different types of diamond rings.

    Solitaire Rings: This is the commonest type wedding ring. If you like conventional things, this is a fine option for you. Typically, you shall find a big diamond at the center of the ring. The based metal could be yellow gold or white gold or platinum.

      Princess Cut Rings: In a princess cut ring, you shall find a large diamond at the centre. The big diamond at the centre is surrounded by many small diamonds. Princess cut rings look gorgeous. If you find solitaire rings to be too simple, a princess cut ring could be the right choice for you.

  Pear Shaped Rings: Such rings are shaped like pears. Based on your requirements, you can find various designs for pear shaped rings. Typically, such design does not feature large diamond at centre. It features small diamonds that are studded throughout the pear shape. However, at the sharp end of pear, a large diamond can also be found in many rings.

      Branches in the Fall: As the name suggests, the ring looks like a branch of the tree. On the branch-like structure of the base metal, small and medium diamonds are arranged to make the ring to appear attractive.

Not just the designs of the diamond rings, you shall have options for different choices for base metals. Conventionally, you may have found yellow gold as the base metal for diamond rings. Apart from yellow gold, you have many other options. These other options are rose gold, platinum and white gold. If you pick wedding ring sets by Segal Jewelry, you shall get choices for picking up the colors of diamonds as per your preference. Apart from orthodox transparent white diamond, you shall also get black diamond wedding rings.

Stacking Princess Cut Diamond Wedding Ring Set

Options for Wedding Rings with Other Stones

Though diamond rings are mostly popular, they are not the only types of stones that have been used for crafting the wedding rings and other jewelries. Some of the wedding ring options with other beautiful stones than diamonds are:

      Ruby and Emerald Floral Rings: You shall get many floral ring collections with the stones like green emerald and red ruby. In “Leaves All Around Ruby” ring design, you shall find a large round ruby at the centre of the ring. The red ruby represents a flower. Around the red ruby, you shall find small green emeralds which are arranged meticulously to look like leaves of the tree.

·      Blue Sapphire Floral Collection: In Rose Spike wedding ring, you can find that blue sapphire has been used as a blue rose. Instead of yellow gold, blue sapphire can pair well with white gold or platinum. In Lotus Flower bridal rings, you shall also find use of blue sapphire.

So, buyers have plenty of options for purchasing the wedding rings. As per your liking and budget, you need to pick the ring for your partner. It is essential to find a genuine seller, which offer authentic and unique products.

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