A Hallway Pallet Coat Rack And Shoe Rack That Is Both Good Looking And Functional

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There is nothing like a good looking and functional piece of furniture displayed right in your homes entry. 

You can certainly make useful stuff out of old, useless things, like these pallets to organize all your coats, backpacks and shoes.

This project is super easy and inexpensive to make! Talk about a lifesaver…especially in the winter where boots and coats can get a little messy!



Metal double sided hangers have been used, durable enough to support heavy coats and backpacks. The shoe rack has been given a large shelving space inside to store different sized pairs of shoes. Both storage units have been hand stained to have a dark and sleek wooden appeal. 


There is also a mantle built in on the top of the coat rack to be uses for display purposes. Pictures, decorations, etc,.


Give it a try! Be creative and have fun!


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