A Husband Vanishes 6 Weeks After Marriage, And Wife Finds Out Why 70 Years Later

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Awesome Jelly

When people fall in love, it seems like time stands still. Every moment is cherished. No matter what the future holds in store for the couple. Marriage is a sacred bond, though many take it lightly. There are several factors that affect a happy marriage, some more complicated than others. Well, it happened to Peggy Harris. Peggy met Billie, and her life changed forever. The whirlwind romance seemed like it would last forever. They eventually exchanged vows, and lived happily as a married couple…at least for 6 weeks. Unfortunate circumstances separated the couple, and Billie was never heard of again. Peggy was shocked and knew something went wrong. For 70 years, she committed herself to find out what happened to her beloved, and never even remarried.
Sadly, she found out the truth.