A Man Named ‘P. Ness’ Hilariously Pranked Online Blackjack Dealers

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A few online blackjack dealers had anything but a boring day of work when YouTube user Peter Ness — abbreviated as “P. Ness” — sat at the tables. The dealers, time and time again greeted Mr. Ness with, “Oh, P. Ness, welcome . . . to the table,”. The first dealer says it with a laugh. “Well, you got me there. I’m already waiting for the video that you’re going to make.” (Guy’s good!)

“P. Ness — hellooooo,” another dealer says, looking extremely uncomfortable. “Please take a seat.”

Altogether, the dealers’ reactions land anywhere from total apathy (did they even get it?!) to mild embarrassment and ample amusement. Some are at a loss for words; others know exactly what to say. “How are you, P. Ness?” one woman asks with a completely straight face.

“Hello, P. Ness,” one dealer says, and then immediately claps a hand over his mouth to stifle a laugh. Another guy actually apologizes for chuckling: “Sorry about that. That’s an interesting name you have.” One dude has the audacity to ask a pretty personal question: “Do you have one?”

The best part, however, can’t be missed at the :49 mark. “P. Ness, welcome,” the man says, and bobbles his head around in a state of utter disarray. Welcome, indeed.


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