VIDEO| A Man Used Suction Caps To Scale Trump Tower

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A bearded 20-year-old man from Virginia carrying a backpack made a pretty galant attempt to climb Trump Towers on 56th Street in midtown Manhattan, using only suction caps. He managed to reach the 21st floor before police yanked him to safety after knocking out a glass window at around 6:35pm on Wednesday.

The climber scaled the building for over two hours, allegedly beginning his vertical trek at a fifth floor atrium, an area currently accessible to the public, and scaling the next 16 floors of the 68-story building. He was later taken out of the tower on a stretcher after his capture.

He was first spotted at approximately 3:00pm, an eyewitness claiming it only took him about an hour to reach the 12th floor. Police and the fire department soon responded to the scene and could be seen removing vents and breaking holes in windows, while rescuers deployed airbags at the base of the building. The climber appeared to change his path at one point to avoid police officers leaning out of vents, but he did appear to be talking to police through a hole in the window on one occasion.

It’s still not completely clear why he attempted to scale the building. Perhaps he was hunting Pokémon, however, police believe that it was most likely a publicity stunt, as he didn’t have a weapon and Donald Trump wasn’t even in the same state at the time.


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