A Man’s Casual Shoe Buying Guide

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Shoes play an important role in your feet’s protection and appearance. There are various types of shoes in the market with different styles, such as athletic, safety, and lifestyle. Casual or lifestyle shoes are the most popular type since they are pairable with different outfits for various occasions.

Your choice of shoes mainly depends on your style, budget, and comfort. Choosing the right type of casual shoes for your everyday needs is important. A good day and outfit could go wrong by having a poor choice of shoes. To help you, here’s a guide you can use when buying casual shoes.

Types of Casual Shoes


Unlike leather shoes, the sole of sneakers is made of rubber, making them very comfy to wear. Sneakers are sporty and are most commonly used for physical activities like running. Casual sneakers are best for grocery shopping, concerts, and mall-hopping errands since they are comfortable to use.

Smart-Casual Shoes

Smart-casual shoes are semi-formal. There are different types of smart casual shoes, such as loafers, slip-on, and lace-ups. Smart-casual shoes come in different colors and styles and can be leather or rubber. These shoes are the perfect fit for simple outfits like jeans and t-shirts.


Boots are typically leather fitted and high cut. The most popular types of boots are rugged combat-style and ankle boots. Boots are very stylish for men, especially with jeans and a simple shirt.

Things to Keep in Mind When Buying Casual Shoes

The Occasion

When buying casual shoes, consider the occasion where you’ll be attending. If you’re going to attend a formal event, you should pick shoes that match your formal attire. Shoes have designated uses, like sneakers which are designed for running. You must pick the right shoes for the right occasion to avoid having a bad look.

Quality of the Shoe

Choose shoes that have great quality. Shoes of great quality last longer than cheap ones, saving you money. With high-quality shoes, you can ensure that your shoes will not be worn out suddenly while doing some things outside. Additionally, high-quality shoes are more stylish and neat looking.

Comfortability Level

The main purpose of shoes is for foot protection from the elements on the ground that may cause harm. Choosing comfortable shoes is important to protect your feet from inside and out. Additionally, wearing uncomfortable shoes could result in health issues such as bunions, spurs, and calluses.

Right Fit

Choosing the right fit of shoes is a big deal. Wearing shoes that are not fit for you could change how you walk, making you look awkward. Aside from that, shoes that are too tight could leave scratches on your feet. When buying shoes, it would help if you add one inch to your usual size so they wouldn’t be too tight when you gain weight.

Shoe Style

Trends change rapidly, so choosing a style that could easily blend with different trends is important if you’re outfit conscious. Simple styles, usually in plain colors, can easily be paired with different outfits. You can also choose the style that matches your taste, as long as you’re comfortable.

Step Up Your Fashion

Your choice of shoes can tell different things about your personality. Shoes are important for the overall look of your outfit. They can change your overall look from positive to negative. However, choosing a shoe should be based on different things other than appearance. You should also consider the shoes’ quality, comfort, and fit.