A Mom Is Reunited With Her Daughter 49 Years After Being Told She Died At Birth

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Imagine giving birth to a child and then being told just moments after that your child did not survive, only to find out decades later that the child did in fact survive and is very much alive and well. This is exactly what happened to Zella Jackson Price. The 76-year-old woman from Olivette, Missouri spent over half of her life believing that her baby girl had died the day she was born.

In an amazing twist of events, Zella’s daughter was and is very much alive and was just reunited with her long-lost brother.  Zella’s daughter, Melanie has often wondered about her birth mother and over the years has searched for her. Finally, after nearly 50 years, Melanie and Zella’s dreams came true…they met for the first time.

No one knows for sure what happened the day Zella gave birth to Melanie all those years ago. It can only be speculated due to circumstances that the whoever told Zella her little girl didn’t survive had a hand in placing Melanie with a different family.

Zella stated that the is simply ecstatic right now to have this incredible opportunity to meet her daughter and that after all the excitement settles she will be seeking legal advice and retaining a lawyer.  The hospital where Melanie was born has been closed since the 1970’s.

Check out the incredible reunion below.

Source : Youtube