A Party Just For Teenagers Looked A Lot Different Back In 1947

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One can only imagine what goes on at a teenage party now a days. I can remember the teenage parties I attended back in the 1990’s and those were a tad scandalous, so I can only wonder how these similar parties look today.

A recent photo emerged on Reddit recently that shows what a teenage party looked like back in 1947 and it is very, very different than what many of us are used to.

Atypical teenage party in the 1940s, resembled the more “fine, bright, clean-cut, wholesome” type of that generation.

Here is a photo of a teenage party today. 



…and here is a photo from 1947.


Many Reddit comments suggested the image from 1947 must have been of a fraternity, based on the fact three of the guys are wearing the same exact suits. None the less, what a difference in the way kids engage in social gatherings today.


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